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What is it about?

Final Fantasy Nemesis is currently offering existing fansites the opportunity to partner with us, in a way which will hopefully be mutually beneficial to both parties. By partnering, you will be given a place in the Site Partners section (see left), which appears on all pages of this website.

In addition to physical benefits, we aim to forge a good relationship with our partners, so modes of communication such as MSN Messenger are also vital. We want both parties to benefit from expertise and knowledge and gain a benefit from partnering. Taking into consideration the above reasons, we feel partnering is an option worth exploring

I want to partner with this site. Are there any requirements?

Final Fantasy Nemesis has in place a few requirements which we would like our partners to meet, however exceptions can be made. Please see below for these requirements.

Site Content

We want to present users to this site with other options to gain the information they need, therefore you need to have substantial and high quality content on your site for us to regard you as a good alternate source of informtation.

Site Design

You're site must be designed in a way that is pleasing to the eye and easily navigatable for novice users. We are not asking for a jaw-dropping layout, just something that will not drive users to bin their computers and run for the hills.

Page Rank

Considered by us to be more important than hits, we require partners to have a Page Rank of at least 3 for this partnership to be a mutual benefit. Don't know your Page Rank? Download the Google Toolbar.


While hits are not a decisive factor, we would like to know your site isn't dead in the water and is progressing somewhere good. Therefore we would like to set a rough guideline of 300 unique hits a day for potential partners to Final Fantasy Nemesis

Adult Content / Warez

We will not be associated with any site that contains or links to sites predominantly featuring adult content or warez. Children visit this site and we will not want to present them with then option to view any unsavoury or illegal sites.

Ok, so I've read the requirements, now what?

Now you may apply to partner with our site using the below form. We will aim to answer any requests within 72 hours. Good luck!


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