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SQEX Offers Multiple Chances To Beta Test FFXIV

16 Dec 2009 - Final Fantasy 13 - Comments (4)

It's been known for a few months now that the initial printings of Final Fantasy XIII, releasing tomorrow in Japan, would contain a voucher code for an in-game item in 2010's Final Fantasy XIV: Online.

What we didn't know was this: The voucher contains a second code, which gives you a chance to enter the Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Beta early next year.

For those lucky enough to pick up one of the initial JP copies of FFXIII, enter right away. Or do what everyone else is doing: sell it on eBay for lots of money money money~

UPDATE - As it seems, the PC Beta application is open to everyone. You can register for a spot at any of the following links, provided you live in the region you're applying to.

US -
EU -

Source: SquareInsider

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