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Final Fantasy IX once again gave us man's best friend, the chocobo. As well as being it's a usual method of transportation, you can now use them to hunt treasure and through this gain good items.

This can be done via the mini-game Chocobo Hot and Cold. The game consists of running around on your chocobo in a designated chocobo area and pecking the ground. From the chocobo's response you will know how far you are from a given item. You will also find Chocographs which will guide you to a treasure located on the world map via a clue and a mini-picture.

For all the treasures that the chocographs point to, click here.

Below are the chocobo's responses depending on your distance from an Item.

 - "Kweh"- You aren't even close to a treasure.
 - "Kweh!"- There's a treasure near you.
 - "Kweeeeh!"- You're very close to the treasure.
 - "K-KWEH!"- You got it!

As you continue to play Chocobo Hot and Cold you will accumilate points, these can be traded in for items by talking to Mene the Moogle. Below is a table informing you of how many points you need for a given item.

Points NeededItem
10,000 points Robe of Lords
8,500 points Protect Ring
3,500 points Wing Edge
1,800 points Viltgance Card
400 points Ether
250 points Ore
150 points Phoenix Down
10 points Gysahl Greens
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