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Treno Auction

These are the Items you will be able to obtain:

Items Highest Bid
Mini Cid 3400
Dark Matter 15400
Fairy Earrings 9500
Promist Ring 23500
Thieves Gloves 35600
Magician Robe 8600
Doga's Artifact 8800
Une's Mirror 13800
Rat Tail 13700
Feather Boots 18600
Ribbon 90000
Madain's Ring 10200
Reflect Ring 14400
Griffin's Heart 7400
Pearl Rouge 24500
Magical Fingertip ???

Below the Key Items you should make the effort to buy.

Key Items
Griffin's Heart
Doga's Artifact
Une's Mirror
Magical Fingertip
Rat Tail

After purchasing certain Key Items from the Treno Auction, talk to people in the area around the Café Carta. Some nobles will see that you have items they desire, and will offer Gil for them.

Important items

Dark matter
Can be used in the battle (do 9999 damage to enemies), and can be used to learn Summon Odin.

Magical Fingertip
Give it to the old man in Daguerreo Library, he will reward you with Steiner's third best weapon, Excalibur. The Magical Fingertip will not be avaliable until you have bought Une's Mirror, Griffon's Heart, Rat Tail, Doga's Artifact and sold them to people of Treno.
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