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The last of the Final Fantasy series to appear on the Playstation, FFIX was made at the same time as FF VIII, but as vastly different. FFIX was a trip to the past, differing from Square's recent games. You could learn abilities from armour and weapons, reminisent of older game. This was another classic ranks second out of the Playstation games.


FF IX takes you back into the past to a world called Gaia, where magic is advanced and technology is still in its early development (the steam engine was invented in this FF). Queen Brahne of Alexandria has begun using highly advanced magic to assume control neighbouring kingdoms.

Her daughter, Princess Garnet, runs away sensing a change in her mother and encouters a group of friendly thieves called the Tantulus. Zidane, who falls head over heels for the princess, leaves the Tantulus to go and protect her. Primarily accompanied by a mage, they soon a encounter a whole host of people as they embark on a journey to stop the Queen's evil reign, not knowing that the Queen's threat is merely a cover for a far more sinister plot.


Characters learn abilities and magic through armour and weapons which playa bigger role than any of the near previous FFs. When a character equips an armour they have the ability to learn certain abilities on it, depending what class they are in. For example if an armour has Fire and Steal abilities on it only a Mage (Vivi) would be able to learn Fire and only a Thief (Zidane) would be able to learn steal.

All the abilities and Magic are learnt this way. There are also abilities that you cannot use in battle but equip outside battle using 'Stones'. The number of 'Stones' increase as you gain levels. One example of such an ability is Auto-Haste, which as you probably guessed automatically gives you the Haste status.
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