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Queen Brahne of Alexandria has begun using highly-advanced magical weapons to terrorise neighbouring kingdoms.
Her daughter, Princess Garnet, runs away from the caste and befriends a group of good-hearted bandits lead my a skilled thief, Zidane, who intends to end the evil queen's desire to dominate the world.
Soon after embarking on their quest, the discover that the queen's threats merely cover for a far more sinister plot.
For the sake of mankind, Zidane and his friends must put a end to the Queen's reign before she and the evil forces that accompany her can carry out the deadly plan

Release Date
07/07/00 (PSone)
14/11/00 (PSone)
16/02/01 (PSone)


An indepth look into the basics of the game, taking it right back to the storyboard. Concentrating on gameplay, graphics and storyline, this is sure to help you form an opinion on the game should you be considering purchasing it.

Abilities Listing

This section gives a list of all the abilities that can be equired by all playable characters in the game. Included in this section is the AP / MP the ability requires as well as how it is learnt.

Auction Listings

This section gives a list of all the items listed at the Treno Auction as well as the prices needed to win the. This page also explains the side quest which involves selling the items back to certain members in Treno.


This page describes how the Chocobo system works in Final Fantasy 9 and what you have to do to make the most of the items and Gil it has to offer.


Chocographs are key items when it comes to the gaining items from the Chocobo sub-game. These are maps that guide you to lucrative items. This section provides additional information for which to gain these items.

Mog Locations

There is a vast network of delivering letters contructed by Moogles. Unfortunately they need someone to help deliver the letters. Think you can help? Click above for more


Stellazios are coins of the Zodiac, there is one for all 12 signs, plus a 13th, waiting to be found. Give all these coins to a collector in Treno for high prizes. This section depics the location of each coin and what it is worth to you.

Tetra Master Cards

Final Fantasy 9 built upon the card game on FF8. This section presents a list of all the cards available in the game as well as their attributes.

FMVs / Full Motion Videos

Final Fantasy IX also introduced the Final Fantasy gamer to Full Motion Videos. Final Fantasy Nemesis has a database of all the FMVs featured in the game freely available for download.

FMV Images

This section contains screen caps from all the FMVs in the game in chronological order. Want to use images from the game for your own graphics? You'll find what you want here.

OST / Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy Nemesis also provides full access to all the music from Final Fantasy IX. These mp3 files are free to download, however some legal issues may apply.
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