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Shumi Quest

This village is fund on a large, snowy island in northern Trabia. There is a little side quest you can perform here, and the information below will tell you how to do it.

Proceed to the inner entrance and step into the elevator. It will take you down to the settlement. After exploring the village, walk all the way to the left (past the frog) and enter the last house. Walk to the back of the sculptor's workshop and talk to the artist.

He is busy shaping a statue of Laguna. Next, visit the Elder's house., which was guarded by a furry orange Moomba earlier. Address the Village elder then visit the sculptor again. He will ask you to find five stones for him. After bringing the sculptor each stone he will tell you which one he needs next. There are where the stones are located: >

Name Location
Blue Stone Walk back to the sculptor's workshop and examine the big bluish rock next to the left of the statue
Wind Stone This stone is standing next to the path between the two houses closest to the village entrance.
Life Stone Examine the roots growing on the cliff between the Elder's house and the second house from the village entrance. If you find the correct spot Squall will climb up and retrieve the Life Stone.
Shadow Stone This stone is hidden in the screen with the three Shumis guarding the Draw Point on ground level. The stone stands where the shadow cast by the pillar to the right meets the foot of the stairs. It is directly underneath the intersecting shadows of the roof structure
Water Stone Visit the artisan in his house next to the sculptor's studio. Walk up to the kitchen niche and search the sink to the left of the artisan.

After handing over the last stone to the sculptor you will be sent back to the Elder. He now presents you with a Phoenix Pinion as a reward. However, there is more to do yet.

Exit the village and return. Visit the sculptor's workshop and talk to the Elder's attendant, then visit the Elder. Talk to him and then talk to the Moomba outside his house. The little fellow will come along to the sculptor's workshop but obviously won't be of great use. Talk to the Elder's attendant again, then return to the Elder and speak with him again. Walk back to the workshop and speak with the Elder's attendant once more. You will be pointed towards the artisan, who lives next door.

Address him repeatedly after he has shown you his model car collection. He is reluctant to take up sculpting, however. Visit the Elder one more time. Do you remember seeing a Moomba doll at the artisan's house in Fisherman's Horizon? Travel there and visit the artisan, Greaser Monkey. His house is up the railroad tracks near the station. You will be greeted by the animated Moomba doll. Grease Monkey then gives it to you. Fly back to Shumi Village and hand over the doll to the artisan there. He will now consent to help the sculptor. Watch the work in progress and pay the Elder another visit to receive a Status Guard as reward.
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