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Final Fantasy VIII, released in 1999 was one of the most different Final Fantasy's on the Playstation. The main differences being the way you stockpile magic, no armour whatsoever and the Junctioning system which is quite complicated for 1st timers (well for me anyway).

Some fans seemed somewhat dismayed by the changes but that didn't stop it from selling by the truck load. The graphics were a big improvement from its predecessor, but that was about it, FFVII is still the one of best Final Fantasy games money can buy so its no surprise FFVIII didn't beat it in many areas.


FFVIII, which is set in the future, tells the story of Squall Leonheart who is a member of the Balamb Garden mercenary forces who are trained fighters. He becomes involved in a plot in which an evil soceress wants to take over the three major Gardens, and must defend Balamb Garden, as well as the rest from Edea. The plot soon unfolds as you see that Edea is mearly a puppet being used for a much more drastic and ultimately catastrophic plan.


Final Fantasy VIII was a step away from previous FF's. Magic was obtained from 'drawing' magic from an enemy, usinf the 'Draw' command. This would take up a turn but enable to you either stock magic for later use or cast it on the enemy. Also unlike previous FF's nagic is expendable, if you draw 10 Firesa nd cast it 10 times u cannot use this slepp further unles you draw more.

Ok, now for the Junctioning system. This system enables you to 'attach' various magic to your characters stats to boost their power. The amount the stat is boosted by depends on the magic and the quantity. for example junctioning 99 Full Lifes to the HP stat will increase your Max HP by a lot, whereas junctioning 50 Full Lifes or 99 Bizzards will not have as much of an effect.
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