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Sector 5 Slums Walkthrough

Obtainable Items: 5 Gil or Turbo Ether, Potion, Phoenix Down, Cover, Ether
Obtainable Materia: Cover Materia

After defeating Ait Buster, it will explode, sending Cloud falling down after the blast. You will awaken to find yourself in a church. You will meet Aeris again here. Talk to her a few times and name her. It doesn't matter what options you choose while talking to her, but it will affect who you will date later on in the game. Soon after, Reno will enter the church with some Shinra Gaurds. Aeris will run into the next room in an attempt to escape them. She will fall over. Tell her to hold on. You now have the option of fighting the guards using Aeris or trying to drop barrels on the guards from the upper floor (if you miss with the barrels, you'll have to fight using Aeris).

If you want to hit the guards with the barrels follow this order:
  • The left most barrel (in theback)
  • The far right barrel (in the back)
  • The far right barrel (in the front)
Tell Aeris to hold on each time. This way, Aeris won't have to fight anybody. Aeris will meetyou at the top of the chapel. In the upper area, climb up the second beam on the left and jump out ofthe hole in the roof. Jump towards the left along the rooves and you'll make it to ground level and find a welcome save point.

To the northwest is a small town, enter it. Go into th pipe near the entrance andtalk to the seemly ill man. In one of the houses, you can also find 5 gil if you talk to a boy in his bedroom. and then examine the drawers nearby. However, if you don't take the gil, he'll give you a Turbo Ether when you return here later in the game.

There are lots of stores here, so buy whatever you feel yout need and take the path to the right where there is light to go to aeris house. Go into the garden, in the lower flower bed you wlil find a Cover Materia and an Ether. Save your game then enter the house. You will have a conversation with Elmyr, Aeris' Mum. After all of the talking go upstairs and go to sleep. When you wake up, look between the desk and the bed for a Potion and a Phoenix Down. Then, sneak downstairs as Aeris' Mum told you to. Don't run (walk by holding action) and dont bump into anyting or Aeris will wake up.

Now leave the house and go to the entrance to the slums. Aeris will be there and will join you. On the screen work your way through all the junk, going across the metal bar with holes, down the iron bar and through the tunnel, up a brown pipe and down the stairs. You will arrive at a playground, and will witess a scene in which Tifa is being carried away in a carriage. Aeris will leave you now, so head East then North and you will arrive at the Wall Market.
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