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Turtle Paradise Quest

Turtle Paradise flyers are found all over the FF7 world and there are 5 in total. Now you might be thinking why should I be collecting these things? The answer to that is when you pay a visit to Wutai after the whole Yuffie stealing your materia fiasco, you will get lots of items from the owner of the Turtle Paradise bar.

These are the Flyer locations for the Turtle Paradise. the Turtle Paradise is a bar in Wutai, it’s posted 6 flyers across the land and the bartender will give you some items if you find them all, these items are a Luck Source, Power Source, Mind Source, Magic Source, Guard Source, Speed Source, and a Megalixir.

Here are the locations for the Flyers:

  1. Flyer #1: In Midgar in Sector 5 near Aeris’ house, there’s a house on the right where a man lives. On the second floor there’s a kid sleeping. Look for the flyer on the wall there. Also, if you don't get this on the first time in Midgar, don't worry. You'll be able to find it later on.

  2. Flyer #2: This tricky thing is on the bulletin board on the first floor of Shinra HQ in Midgar. In the back of the room, You must get this during the first time in Midgar, or you'll have to come back after the parachute jump in Midgar later in the game.

  3. Flyer #3: At Gold Saucer, near the entrance of the item shop in the Ghost Hotel, on a bulletin board.

  4. Flyer #4: At the Tiger Lily arms shop at Cosmo Canyon.

  5. Flyer #5: At the Inn in Cosmo Canyon.

  6. Flyer #6: In the basement of Yuffie’s house. It's the flyer on the wall
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