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01 Game Introduction
Size 15.86 Mb
Format .mov
Description The camera pans over Midgar, showing clips of Aeris. Then it shows a train stopping at a station, at which point the gamer will take over.
Download Game Introduction

02 Destruction of Mako Reactor
Size 2.22 Mb
Format .mov
Description The Mako reactor explodes.
Download Destruction of Mako Reactor

07 Sector 5 Explosion
Size 2.56 Mb
Format .mov
Description Sector 5 is reduced to dust.
Download Sector 5 Explosion

07 Destruction of Sector 7
Size 8.24 Mb
Format .mov
Description Sector 7 is destroyed.
Download Destruction of Sector 7

11 Crazy Motorcycle
Size 10.47 Mb
Format .mov
Description Cloud obtains a motorcycle.
Download Crazy Motorcycle

15 Sephiroth in the Flames
Size 7.29 Mb
Format .mov
Description Sephiroth becomes insane after learning his true roots and destroys the town.
Download Sephiroth in the Flames

17 Sephiroth and Jenova
Size 8.73 Mb
Format .mov
Description Sephiroth frees Jenova.
Download Sephiroth and Jenova

20 Junon Cannon
Size 6.34 Mb
Format .mov
Description The Junon cannon.
Download Junon Cannon

21 The Gold Saucer
Size 12.03 Mb
Format .mov
Description The Gold Saucer.
Download The Gold Saucer

25 The Great Warrior
Size 1.09 Mb
Format .mov
Description Red XIII's father.
Download The Great Warrior

26 Rocket Failure
Size 8.29 Mb
Format .mov
Description The rocket fails to launch.
Download Rocket Failure

27 Stealing the Tiny Bronco
Size 7.54 Mb
Format .mov
Description The gang 'aquire' the Tiny Bronco...
Download Stealing the Tiny Bronco

28 Crash Landing
Size 1.94 Mb
Format .mov
Description ...And crash it in the sea
Download Crash Landing

31 Aeris Falls
Size 15.94 Mb
Format .mov
Description Aeris falls to the hands of Sephiroth.
Download Aeris Falls

31 Aeris Rests
Size 5.64 Mb
Format .mov
Description Aeris is laid to rest.
Download Aeris Rests

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