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Chocobo Breeding

When you reach Disk 2 of the game (Chocobo Breeding cannot take place in Disk 1) You will need to venture back to the Chocobo Ranch and talk to Chocobo Bill. He'll offer to sell you stables at quite a high price..unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this, so go ahead and buy all 6.

Now, by now you should know how to catch chocobos, if not, here's a quick reminder:

  • Equip the Chocobo Lure Materia
  • Run around on chocobo tracks until you encounter a Chocobo
  • Throw Chocobo Greens at the Chocobo once encountered to stop it from getting scared while you quickly dispose of any enemies.
  • Congratulation, you now have a Chocobo

If you are in need of a Chocobo Lure Materia, go to the Chocobo pen and look to the far right of the screen.

Chocobos come in 4 types:

  • Poor Chocobo
  • Good Chocobo
  • Great Chococobo
  • Wonderful Chocobo

You can tell which one is which by the comments Chocobo Bill makes on each one.

Obtaining your Blue Chocobo

You must now go to the Chocobo tracks near the Gold Saucer and try and obtain a Good Chocobo. Capture about 4-5 Chocobos, so that when you do go back to the Chocobo Ranch, the chances of having a Good chocobo is increased a lot. At the ranch, talk to Chocobo Billy and move the Good Chocobo to a stable.

Now go to Mideel and capture a Great Chocobo, keep in mind that you will need to make this with the Good Chocobo, so it needs to be of the opposite gender.

Feed them both expensive greens and to improve the successfullness of getting your Blue Chocobo you can also train them up by racing them at the Gold Saucer. You now will want to mate them, to do this you will need a Carob Nut. Go to Bone Village and walk South. Run around until you encounter a dinasaur like creature. This creature has a LOT of HP, but when the battle is over you will be in possession of a nice shiny Carob Nut.

Save your game, and go back to the Chocobo Ranch and mate your two chocobos with the Carob Nut...and should have a Blue Chocobo. (If it is not Blue, reload your game a try again. If you are unsuccessfull still then train up your Chocobos at the Gold Saucer)

Obtaining your Green Chocobo

This is exactly the same as getting a blue Chocobo except you will want the opposite genders for the Good and Great Chocobos. Above you had a Good Male and Great Female, you will now want a Great Male and a Good Female. Then just follow above. Once this chocobo is born, make sure it is of the opposite sex to the Blue one. If not reload your game and try again.

Obtaining your Black Chocobo

You can now traverse mountains and shallow water. What's this I hear? You want more? Then a Black Chocobo is in order. Things get slightly more expensive now. Feed your Blue and Green birdies about 20 Sylkis Greens each and then race them both to S-Class at the Gold Saucer. After doing this mate the two chocobos with another Carob Nut

Obtaining your Gold Chocobo

You now hav a new Black Chocobo. Feed it about 20 Sylkis and again race them to S-Class. Now you need to find the chocobo tracks outside the Icicle Inn and capture a Wonderful Chocobo (of the opposite gender to your Blackc Chocobo). Again capture several so you are sure to get at least one Wonderful Chocobo. Again, feed it chock full of greens and train it up to S-Class.

Now to go the top right hand corner of the map and, ignoring the round island, find a island just south of it. On here, you will encounter Goblins in battle. Steal or Win Zeio Nuts from them and then head back to the Chocobo Ranch.

Save your game and then try mating your Black Chocobo with your Wonderful Chocobo, and there you go, a nice shiny Gold Chocobo! "Hark lad, I see here no Gold Chocobo" I hear you cry, well then you know the drill, reload your game a try agan.

With this newly aquired chocobo you will now have access to four new Materias, Mime, HP <=> MP, Quadra-Magic and the awesome Knights of the Round Summon

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