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Character Leveling

If your new to Final Fantasy or RPGs in general you might be a bit daunted by the characters and abilities at your disposal. This section will get you to grips with leveling up.

Each character starts from roughtly level 5. As a character advances levels, his or her attrubites will increase, enabling them to be more powerful and defeat the most strongest enemies. By the end of the game you should be around level 50.

Gaining Experience Points (Exp) is the means for advancing levels, and to do this you will need to battle. After each battle one of the screens you will be presented with is one like this:

Note the Exp won section. If you have calumniated enough Exp to progress up a level you will also be notified here. Unlike other games gaining levels do not teach you new abilities, which is what Materia is for. Because battling gains you Exp, running away from battles is not recommended, because when you face a tough enemy you will find it harder than you should.

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