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The long awaited FF VII took 3 years to come out and there was more speculation and rumours about it than any other game in the history of gaming in Japan at the time. Eventually, Square finally released it in 1997.

Everyon expected them to go for the N64, they were going to and had already a new game in prospect, but they decided they needed the massive storage space of CD-ROMs to create the kind of games they wanted. So they made a deal with Sony, in one of the most significant endorsements of Sony's games machines ever.

Square announced that Final Fantasy VII would be released on the Playstation. If you haven't got a copy then I suggest you go and get one right now, haven't you heard that this game is enough reason alone to buy a Playstation? - My fave FF of the lot.


Well what is the story line? FF VII tells the story of the Shinra Corporation draining the planet's life-forces. Enter the hero Cloud Strife, an ex-Soldier and a mercenary who accepts a mission from a group of eco-warriors called Avalanche to try and stop them from ultimately destroying the world. But the plot soon unfolds as Sephiroth comes into it. This is one of my favourite storylines, but the part about Cloud near the end of Disk 2 can get confusing.


There were a number of weapons in FF VII and every weapon and armlet in the game has a set amount of 'slots' which you can equip materia to, some slots are linked together which means you can pair up magic e.g. if you had the All and Fire materia's in linked slots it means that you can use Fire on all your enemies. The weapons/armlets also have slot growth, so if a weapon has normal slot growth then if you get 200 AP at the end of a battle, that is what each materia receives.

FF VII had 8 characters which you have the pleasure of controlling: Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris, Red XIII, Vincent, Yuffie and Cait Sith, although Yuffie and Vincent are optional. There are no classes in this FF as the Materia system enabled any character to use any magic.

Magic is gained by picking up orbs of crystallized Mako called Materia which you equip in the Materia menu. Materia levels up according to how much AP you gain in battles. For instance if your Restore materia is at the Cure 1 level, getting 2500 AP would bring it up to Cure 2. Unfortunately there is no way of learningmagic, you cannot use it once you unequip the according materia.

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