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The Shinra Corporation is draining our planet of its life-forces. Cloud Strife, a cold-hearted mercenary, accepts a mission for a group of eco-warriors, unaware that it will lead him on a journey that will change not just his life, but the lives of every soul in the universe... Welcome to Final Fantasy VII - an epic adventure on 3 CDs where sorcery and science collide, where friendships are lost and won and where one man can make a difference that lasts forever

Release Date
31/01/97 (PSone) -- 16/04/09 (PSN)
07/09/97 (PSone) 24/06/98 (PC) 02/06/09 (PSN)
17/11/97 (PSone) --/--/98 (PC) 04/06/09 (PSN)


An indepth look into the basics of the game, taking it right back to the storyboard. Concentrating on gameplay, graphics and storyline, this is sure to help you form an opinion on the game should you be considering purchasing it.


This section contains reviews on Final Fantasy 7. These reviews are either written by Nemesis staff or submitted by viewers of the site. If you have a review you want to submit, please click here.

Armour Listing

Here you will find a full and comprehensive list of all the armours available in Final Fantasy VII. They come complete with stats for each item as well as who it can be equipped by and it's location.

Character Leveling

This section gives new gamers basic information on how to level their characters and what all the relating terminology means.

Cheats / Hints / Tips

This page provides you with a list of cheats, hints and tips to aid you with progressing further in the game and making it faster to do so. We recommend you only read this section after you have completed this game at least once.

Chocobo Breeding

This section gives gamers basic information on how breed chocobos and how to obtain the coveted gold chocobo.


This page contains a list of all the men and women who's hard work helped create this masterpiece of a game. Their roles in development are also listed.

Enemy Skills Listing

A special materia can be obtained in Final Fantasy VII allowing you to 'learn' attacks from enemies. This section presents a list of all the learnable attacks as well as which enemies you will be able to obtain them from.

Materia Information

This section gives new gamers information on the magic system in this game. Visit this section if you are unsure about any aspects of the materia-orb system.

Materia Listing

Final Fantasy VII features a previously unseen magic system involving equippable orbs of 'materia'. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the materia available and detailed information about each on.


A list and description of all the available transport methods available to you in Final Fantasy VII. Wondering when you'll get the fabled Highwind? Click here to find out!

Turtle Paradise Quest

There are several side quests available to complete in Final Fantasy VII. the Turtle Paradise quest is just one of these. Curious? Click to find out more.

Walkthrough [Incomplete]

Stuck in the game? Can't progress? Here you'll find a detailed and indepth walkthrough exclusely written for Final Fantasy Nemesis.

FMVs / Full Motion Videos

Final Fantasy VII also introduced the Final Fantasy gamer to Full Motion Videos. Final Fantasy Nemesis has a database of all the FMVs featured in the game freely available for download.

FMV Images

This section contains screen caps from all the FMVs in the game in chronological order. Want to use images from the game for your own graphics? You'll find what you want here.

Midi Files

The entire soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII in .mid format. These files are small and easy to download no matter what your internet connection.

OST / Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy Nemesis also provides full access to all the music from Final Fantasy VII. These mp3 files are free to download, however some legal issues may apply.


This section contains trailers from Final Fantasy VII released before the full game as well as the Final Fantasy VII intro made for the Playstation 3, this video fuelled speculation that a re-release was imminemt, but this notion as since been quashed.
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