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A sudden appearance of a mysterious group called the Deep Ground Soldiers as they attacks Kalm plunges the town in chaos. The Deep Ground Soldiers are a section of SOLDIER, created by the ShinRa Company on the President ShinRa's orders underneath Midgar. When Meteor struck Midgar at the end of Final Fantasy VII they became trapped but they have now escaped their underground lair. Vincent Valentine is somehow connected to the Deep Ground Soldiers as they seem to have been searching for him for some time.

Reeve Tuesti former Head of Urban Development at ShinRa is now the leader of the World Restoration Organization who are a large organization who basically carry out more than AVALANCE could ever have hoped. Their job is to restore the world and prevent anyone from damaging it further. Barret and Tifa are thought to be part World Restoration Organization and are probably leading some of the missions.

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