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Character Profiles

An background character in FF7 now becomes the leading character of Crisis Core, chronicling how he will one day become ShinRa's strongest SOLDIER. From Gongaga, Zack pushes himself to the limit under his mentor, Angeal, to progess inthe ShinRa Army. He is known for being laid back, loyal, of a kind disposition as well as having high class combatative skills.

As in FF7, Aeris is being persued by ShinRa for being the last surviving Cetra (or Ancient). It it also known that she has or had some sort of relationship with Zack.

A longstanding member of SOLDIER as well as a mentor to Zack. He is responsible for much of Zack's military training.

Cloud was not good enough to become a SOLDIER so had to settle for a member of the ShinRa army. However he still managed to become good friends with Zack and respected both him and Sephiroth greatly.

A man with connections to the Deepground Soldier, an experimental project with experiments pre-dating (and relating to) Sepriroth. However his existance has been erased by the time of FF7.

ShinRa's highest ranking and best SOLDIER. Yet to find out about his past, he is highly respected by all that know him. However this all changes when he encounters the truths to his past in Nibelheim.

A member of the Turks, he was put in charge of the Nibelheim incident as well as the pursuit of Zack and Cloud.

President ShinRa
Head of the ShinRa company, which has grown from being a small weapons manufacturer to a multinational corporation due to the implementation of Mako Reactors. His main priority with ShinRa is purely monetary, and sees Sephiroth has a key figure to maintain this need adequately.

Heideggar is the head of Public Safety Maintenance and ShinRa's military arm. He regards the Turks as obselete and uses the ShinRa army to muscle his way when he needs to.

Son of the President of ShinRa and therefore Vice-President of the company. Rufus regards his father is ineffective and believes he could run ShinRa much better his own way, due to this he is constantly looking for a way to take over his Father's position.

Reeve Tuesti
Reeve is the architect of Midgar as well as the one responsible for designing the Mako Reactors, later on he becomes head of ShinRa's Urban Development Department.

Working closely with the military, Scarlet is a cold ruthless woman who heads the Weapons Development Department. It is not uncommon for her to employ underhand methods to getting jobs done.

Soon to be head fo ShinRa's Science Department. Hjo shows no morality and willingly performs inhumane experiences on Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth and Vincent. He also is responsible for the creation of soldier to further his scientific theories and experiments.

Verdot is head of the Investigation Division of the General Affairs Department which is responsible for scouting future SOLDIER members. This group also undertakes more unsavoury tasks suck as kidnappings, espionage and assassinations. He is greatly respected and does not tolerate failure.

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