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Advent Children is set two years after Final Fantasy VII. The world is now suffering another affliction in the form of the 'Star Scar Syndrome.' Cloud feels responsible for all the suffering incured from that fateful day two years ago and now needs a solitary life, but is also keeping up his business - the Strife Delivery Service, which is based at Tifa's Bar. The 7th Heaven is now also an orphanage for children with Star Scar Syndrome, whilst also being a home for Marlene whilst Barret is elsewhere.

There is a claim that the Star Scar Syndrome is being caused by Jenova Cells working in the life stream, these claims are made by the three main antagonists of the film - Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz. These three characters are remeniscient of Sephiroth, and after after 'Mother', which we learn are Jenova Cells. With these their plan to start another Reunion and thus create another Sephiroth.

It isn't too long before we see Reno and Rude, and we are revealed the identity of the man in the wheelchair. This is none other than Rufus, who it seems, managed to survive the blast from Diamond Weapon. The Shinra President also suffers from Star Scar Syndrome and hires Cloud to be his bodyguard to protect him from the three silver-haired foes. We are told by the Turks that the foes have taken children with Star Scar Syndrome to the City of the Ancients, which appears to be their base, including Marlene and other children from Tifa's orphanage.

It takes a great deal of persuation from Tifa to persuade a reluctant hero to go after them and it is only after Cloud has a meeting in a dream with Aeris that he is convinced he should go. Kadaj however, ambushes Cloud, and the children, apparently under Kadaj's control, trap Cloud. Just as Cloud is about to be executed, Vincent rescues him. Marlene also manages to escape the group and meet up with Cloud and Vincent.

Upon their return, Midgar is suffering a terrible attack. Kadaj has let lose a group of creatures onto the City and they are running riot. The old party, including Cid, Barret, Vincent, Yuffie and Red XIII engage the monsters and try to help the townspeople. Reno and Rude also bravely engage Loz and Yazoo whilst Kadaj, standing with Rufus, summons Bahamut..

After a hectic battle, Cloud, with help from the party manages to destroy Bahamut, but whilst this was all happening, Rufus revealed that he has the Jenova cells all along and throws them off the building, Kadaj jumps after it, and succeeds in obtaining it.

What ensues next is a long chase as Cloud us hunting down Kadaj, Kadaj and Cloud finally square up and fight. After an impressive fight sequence Cloud wins the battle, but Kadaj then undergoes a transformation and then the legendary Sephiroth emerges.

We wont spoil the ending for you, if, however, you want to see what happpened in pictoral form, please, view the screenshots

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