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Dark Knights of Baron

These are one of the elite forces in the world, and naturally a part of the most powerful nation. As implied, the Dark Knights are more than in the arts of darkness and all vie to be the most powerful. Training to become a Dark Knight begins at a very young page and involves very rigorous training.

As soon as the trainee understands the reason behind the Dark Knights' actions, he becomes a trainee of a veteran Dark Knight where he is taught to rid himself of all emotions and forcus only on achieving what he is sent out to do. To finally become a Dark Knight, the trainee must be accepted by the King and other Dark Knights.

Trainees are chosen by the Baron King himself, picked from Pages training to be ordinary Knights who show extra potential. Dark Knights must also master weilding the Dark Blades of Baron, which old enemies dark powwer, forged from a cused mine. When used for evil, the dark power is released in a huge display of energy, destroying everything around it.

Dragon Knights of Baron

One of the lower elite forces of Baron and were created by former Knights of Baron. These knights are trained in the art of the dragon and their purpose is to prevent dragons from destroying the castle and town. Dragon Knights primarily learn about the life and habits of dragons and learn the ability to leap high into the air, enabling to take shots at a dragon's heart.


Also known as The White, or Light Knights, Paladins are holy warriors sworn to protect anyone unable to help themselves. It is said, that to become a true Paladin, one must travel up the tallest mountain in the world (Mt. Ordeals) and speak with the spirit of the mountain, and prove to it that he is pure and holy enough to be blessed, and become a true Paladin. Sadly, anyone who has made it to the summit of that frozen alp, as rarely came home alive.

White Mages

White Mages are often refered to as offspring of Paladins and are able to heal any wound or cure any illness

Black Mages

The opposite of White Mages, Black Mages call upon black magic, using their powers primarily for destruction

White Mages of Baron

White Mages of Baron are taught their art by the Mysidians and are used in battle to revive slain soldiers and heal the wonded. They were not originally part of the Baron milltary, as magic users were looked down upon, but their value has now been realised and they are able to keep an army battling by using their powers of healing.

Black Mages of Baron

Ever since Baron realised the power that Black Mages possesed, they have been included in the Baron millitary and often find themselves on the front line of battle. Decades ago they were looked down upon as physical fighting skills were what were highly prized in Baron. Black Mages are also commonly tasked with cleaning up battlefields of any remaining enemies.

White/Black Mages of Mysidia

The Mysidian Mages are the highest skilled mages in the world, like Baron Knights, their are trained from birth and are raised as White or Black mages - becoming fully fleged magicians when they are older.

Engineers of Baron

Very highly rated in the Baron Empire, and gives the Baron the ability to be one of the only nations in the world to use air ships. Thess air ships give the Baron a tremendous advantage in battle as they are able to quickly fly in, attack specific targets and fly out again, sometimes without even being spotted.


Summoners are the most feared race in the world - considered evil by all other races, who think they should all be eradicated. Summoners have the ability to call upon a vareity of feasome creates and command them to do their bidding, something that strikes fear into the hearts of anyone that meets them in battle. However, Summoners are gravely misunderstood and are, in most part, a peaceful race, generally only using their abilities to protect themselves from those who wish them dead.

Monks of Fabul

The Monks of Fabul are an elite force and are highly skilled in martial arts, being able to turn their entire body into a weapon. Though Monks are not born to battle, the military have enlisted them into their ranks after finding that their ability to prove very useful. These Monks do not learn their art to battle but to be totally at ease and to connect with nature.

Ninjas of Eblana

These are so-called hybrid warriors, taking the skills of the Fabul Monks, the sword fighting techniques of the Knights of Baron and the magical powers of the Mages of Mysidia. They reside in the small Kingdom of Eblan, on an isolated continent. Eblanian Ninja's carry two Katanas, which are long shar blades, and attack with one in each hand. They are very agile and can steal and attack from their enemies at the same time. Ninja's also have the ability to make themselves invisible, disappear in a cloud of smoke or summon fire, among other things, to hurt or confuse their enemies.
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