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Character Abilities

Here you will find a full and comprehensive list of all the abilities available to each character in Final Fantasy IV as well as a description for each one.

Darkness Wave
Posessed ByDescription
Hits all enemies for low damage and takes 8% from Cecil's HP. Ability is lost when Cecil crosses over to the call of the Paladin.

Posessed ByDescription
Makes Cecil continually protect all his allies from physical attacks. Once selected, the option in his menu changes to OFF, which gives you the option to move the effects of Cover. However once Cecil becomes a Paladin, he will always Cover allies who are low on HP.

Posessed ByDescription
Able to cast various White Magic.

Posessed ByDescription
Able to cast various Black Magic.

Posessed ByDescription
When used, summons Phantom Beasts to aid your allies in battle.

Posessed ByDescription
Jumps up into the air for a turn and then comes down into an enemy to deal moderate to high damage. Whilst in the air, Cain cannot be attacked or healed.

Posessed ByDescription
Recall picks a white or black magic spell from Tella's "forgotten" spells.

Posessed ByDescription
Casts a healing spell on the entire party, healing each member for roughly 100HP. However this spell does not always work.

Posessed ByDescription
Raises accuracy and strength of physical attack when equipped with a bow and arrow.

Posessed ByDescription
Raises Palom's magical power.

Posessed ByDescription
Increases the ease of running away.

Posessed ByDescription
This ability takes both the turns of Porom and Palom and releases one of two powerful magic attacks: Flare or Comet. Flare uses 10MP and attacks a single target whilst Comet uses 20MP and hits all targets.

Posessed ByDescription
Sings a song which inflicts various status effects on the enemy depending on the harp equipped.

Posessed ByDescription
Takes one Potion and spreads the effects across the party.

Posessed ByDescription
Causes Gilbart to leave the battlefield but still get Exp from the battle. When used, it gets replaced with a Show command which does the opposite. Useful when he is still a very weak character.

Posessed ByDescription
Enables Cid to take a look at enemy statistics, however this does not work on bosses.

Posessed ByDescription
Strikes the enemy with a powerful attack after a lengthy build up.

Posessed ByDescription
Hits all enemies with low to moderate damage.

Posessed ByDescription
Raises Yang's defence.

Posessed ByDescription
Use Ninja magic.

Posessed ByDescription
Attempts to steal an item from the enemy. If it does not work, Edge will lose a small amount of MP. An enemy never runs out of items in a battle and casting Haste in Edge or Slow/Stop/Hold on the enemy increases the likelihood of it working.

Posessed ByDescription
Allows Edge to throw a weapon or dart from your inventory for high damage - regardless of any protection the enemy has.

Posessed ByDescription
When used the entire party gradually recovers HP (akin to Regen), however after use, Fusoya cannot move for the rest of the battle.

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