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Boss Guide Page 1

  1. Mist Dragon - Dark Elf
  2. Dark Elf 2 - 4 Fiends
  3. CPU, Attacker, Defender - Zeromus
  4. Optional Bosses

Mist Dragon
465 10 --
This boss fight is simple.Have Cecil pound the Dragon with his regular attacks and having Cain Jump the Dragon. When the dragon turns into mist, Do not attack! It will counterattack.
Either select defense, or use POTIONs during this time. Wait until it reforms to attack again.
Repeat this process until you have defeated the Mist Dragon.

1400 0 Darkness
Although there are eight parts to OCTOMAMM he is still only going to be one target. At first OCTOMAMM can attack rather fast, but as you start to attack he will begin to slow down. Here have Rydia attack with her CHOCB summon (you can use THUND if you have it, but CHOCB is stronger), and have Tella attack with THUND.

Cecil's attacks should do quite a bit of damage against OCTOMAMM, probably about 130 HP of damage with each hit. As you continue to attack you will notice that each leg of OCTOMAMM dies. Each leg has about 150 hp. This boss fight shouldn't be too hard and when you hear Tella saying that you have slowed down the monster you're near victory.

1000 0 --
This boss fight is fairly easy, but a few mistakes can cost you. Here the Antlion attacks are nothing to worry about because they only do 1 HP of damage, but watch for the counter attack. There isn't much you can do about this because each time you attack him with a Physical attack he will counter.

Each one of those counter hits are about 21 HP of damage which can be very serious towards Rydia and Gilbert because Gilbert starts out at level 5 with 60 HP and three shots can easily take him down to nothing.

But Cecil's attacks are too strong to pass up so just have Cecil constantly attack the ANTLION, have Rydia use her CHOCB summon and Gilbert be the healer and part time attacker. Once your HP starts to drop below 40, you should consider using POTIONS to help keep your HPs up. After a while you should be rid of the ANTLION and obtain the Sandruby

3200 0 --
Now this is what I'm talking about! 5 against 1! Despite your overpowering numbers this is still going to be a very difficult fight. Have Rydia use her CHOCB summon, have Cecil attack normally, have Rosa use her AIM command, have Yang attack (not Kick), and have Gilbert be your part time attacker and healer. After you do about 1500 HP of damage the MOM BOMB will change form; just continue to attack and if your party's HP drops below 75, heal them.

The MOM BOMB will give you a warning when its about to explode, that is the sign to heal yourself if your HP is below 75. When it does Explode the party suffers extensive damage - about 50-60 HP of damage to every character - quickly heal your party because your party's HP (besides Cecil) is still pretty low.

Now it turns itself into 3 BOMBs and 3 GREYBOMBs. That's 6 targets for you to attack now. Each one of the targets only have 100 HP and this time have Yang use his KICK command to attack all the BOMBs at once; then continue your usual attack pattern.

1000 0 --
Four Revenants
120 0 --
This fight will drain you down quite a bit. Here have Palom use his FIRE2 spell against them all and have Tella use his FIRE spell as well. Always have Cecil attack MILON. Use Porom as your healer.

Also keep your HP up above 50 for the twins, above 100 for both Cecil and Tella because MILON can and will use his THUND spell serveral times in a row: this is enough to weaken your party. Afterwards you should be rid of MILON

3000 0 Fire / Arrows / Sacred Power
Here this battle shouldn't be too hard. Attack MILON Z with Cecil constantly, MILON Z will have alot of trouble harming Cecil because Cecil is in the Shadow Armor. Tella should use FIRE and Palom and Porom should use TWIN or HEAL.

Dark Knight
Infinite 0
Just let the DARK KNIGHT attack Cecil three times and the DARK KNIGHT will disappear. This is a pre-programmed battle.

2700 0 --
Right Arm / Left Arm
250 30 Fire / Holy / Cure
This fight will leave you wounded, so you must make quick moves. At any given time BEIGAN will set up RFLCT on himself but not his arms. Note that the arms will not disappear when the body is destroyed! If Palom is at Level 19 have him cast BIO on BEIGAN which will do about 1200 HP of damage.

Also when BEIGAN does set up RFLCT have Tella cast RFLCT on any other party member and have your magic user focus their magic attack on your party member with the RFLCT. Don't do it too often because the RFLCT can only bounce back attacks about two or three times. Quickly eliminate the ARMs because that is what's causing most of the damage against your party.

Continue to attack and after a while BEIGAN will lose his RFLCT, have Palom use BIO to finish him off, but only when you know he has lost his RFLCT, otherwise it will be a gamble. Or you can have Tella use BLIZD3, FIRE3, or THND3. After the battle you might want to return to Cecil's room and heal yourself before continuing on towards the King's throne room.

4000 29 Thundaga
This boss fight is extremely easy, if you know what to do. Have Palom use his BIO magic attack to easily wipe away 1000 of his HP, then have Tella use THND3 to cleanly dust off about 3000 of his HP. If he is not dead by that then just keep attacking him until he's nothing but plankton.

Dark Elf
3000 0 Sacred Powe Unknown
Just lose this fight and save your energy. After the scene you can feel free to re-equip yourself.

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