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Buy 1991 Square had left behind all its humble beginnings and had become one of the most respected gaming companies in Japan. The Final Fantasy series had already become one of the most popular games in the country, and the release of the first Final Fantasy in America in 1990, was paving the way for international success. Perhaps the most important step Square made (apart from FF VII on the PSX) was the release of FF IV. it was the first in the series to be released on the new 16 bit SNES system (Super Famicom in Japan).


FFIV put you in charge of Cecil, a Dark Knight and captain of the Red Wings, an elite force of military airships in the Kingdom of Baron. As the game began, Cecil questions the Kings desire to capture the Element Crystals, and he was sent to deliver a strange package to a neighboring town. The package explodes, destroying the whole town but not killing Cecil as intended. After this, Cecil and his friend Kain vow to fight against the King's power mad ambitions. As they go through the game they meet 9 other characters.


At the time it had an impressive array of graphics and sound chips, so Square were eager to find out what they could do on this system. They didn't disappoint. There was a vast world with major improvements on the graphics and sound, the characters and monsters were larger, more colourful and much more detailed than before.
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