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Final Fantasy 4 Logo
One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light and the dark arises high up in the sky to the still land.
Veiling the moon with the light of eternity it brings another promise to mother earth with a bounty and mercy

Release Date
19/07/91 (SNES) 21/03/97 (PSone) 28/03/02 (WSC) 15/12/05 (GBA) 20/12/07 (DS)
23/11/91 (SNES) 29/06/01 (PSone) - 12/12/05 (GBA) 22/07/08 (DS)
- 17/05/02 (PSone) - 02/06/06 (GBA) 05/09/05 (DS)


An indepth look into the basics of the game, taking it right back to the storyboard. Concentrating on gameplay, graphics and storyline, this is sure to help you form an opinion on the game should you be considering purchasing it.

Armour Listing

Here you will find a full and comprehensive list of all the armours available in Final Fantasy IV. They come complete with stats for each item as well as who it can be equipped by and it's location.

Battle System Guide

This battle system guide will introduce you to some of the basic aspects of battling in Final Fantasy IV.

Boss Guide

This boss guide features information for each and every boss in Final Fantasy IV, including statistics and a proven strategy for overcoming even the hardest foe

Character Abilities

This listing features a list of all abilites in the game, a description of each and information on who can obtain them.


This page provides the name and a description of all the classes/jobs in Final Fantasy IV.


This section presents a llist of some of the developers that played a part in the making of Final Fantasy IV.

Item Listing

A comprehensive list of all Items from Final Fantasy IV including locations and uses for each item.

Weapons Listing

A comprehensive list of all the weapons and their users, as well as listed statistics and locations.

Images [Incomplete]

Images from my playthrough of the game. This section contains numerous screenshots taken of how I progressed.
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