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It was another 2 years before Final Fantasy III was released and because of the success of the first two installments, it was one of the most eagerly anticipated games of all time. Released in Japan in 1990, it was the last FF to grace the NES. FF III was this time on a 4 Mb cartridge, and Square put this extra space to good use, making the best FF yet, pushing the now aging console to its limits.


This was the nearest thing to a true sequel at time it was made. FF III shared many elements with the first Final Fantasy, parts of the storyline as well as some of the game basics. In the game an ancient evil, which was long-contained, has been unleashed and now is seeking freedom and craving to lay the world to waste.

Once more, as in FF I only the 4 legendary Light Warriors could defeat this dark force. The game starts with 4 young orphans falling into a cave. After exploring it they discover the Wind Crystal. This mystical crystal explains the situation with the evil creature and proclaims them as the 'chosen ones'. The crystal then grants them powers and sends them to seek out and destroy the evil threatening their world.


The system was very similar to the first FF which involved choosing classes for your characters and learning the specific abilities. This time however there more classes, monsters and magic on offer. Some of the new classes includes the Dragon and the Caller together with a new set of summoning spells.

Despite its impressive sales in Japan, Final Fantasy III never made it out of its home country, which is sad considering it was an excellent game for its time.

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