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Frionel is your main character. He escapes from Phin Castle to join the rebellion. He has the same sort of stats as a Fighter Class from FFI which makes him a good offensive character.

Maria is Frioniel and Guy's best friend and has been since they wre little. She escaped from Phin Castle with Frioniel, Guy, and Lionheart during the attack and joined the rebellion with them. Maria has strong magic attributes and is best used as a mage.

A friend of Frioniel and Maria, Guy also escaped from Phin Castle and went to join the rebellion. Guy is a very strong character attack wise and will provide a big part of the brute force of your party.

Lionheart is Maria's older brother. He is another who escaped from Phin castle along with Maria, Guy and Frionel. However, Lionheart was seperated fro mthe other 3 during an Imperial attack.

Minh plays a big part in the rebellion. He is an adept healer and is the rescuer of Frioniel, Guy, and Maria after ther encounter with the Imperials.

Josef is from Salamando. His reason for hating the Imperials is that they invaded a Mythril Mine while his daughter, Nellie, was trapped inside. Josef also knows Princess Hilda. During battle leaving Josef with just his fists is the best option, thus making him most similar to a Black Belt Class from FFI.

Gordon wants to help your party as the Imperials attacked Kashuon. Gordon is the Prince of Kashuon and Brother of Scott. he fled from his Kingdon during the attack and has been hiding with the rebels.

Layla is captain of a pirate ship. You will need to fight her before she is willing to join your party, a fight which is quite hard. Layla will make a good all-rounder addition to you party.

Richard is the last existing dragoon. He was swallowed by Leviathan and can be found in the dephs of its interior. He is desperate to avenge his Kingdon and therefore will help you through thick and thin.

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