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After the acclaimed success of Final Fantasy, it seemed certain that a 2nd would be made, and it did. It appeared on the shelves for Japanese gamers in 1988. It wasn't a sequel in the normal sense, it had no connections with its predecessor apart from the common elements in the game system and the game world.

The now familiar Chocobos made there debut in FF II as did the fearsome monsters Bahamut and Leviathan. It had the same graphics as FF I and it is musically similar too, but it boasted an even more complex and intriguing plot.


On another 2Mb NES cartridge, FFII was a story of rebellion against the dark ruling powers which was again used in Final Fantasy VI and VII. The power-hungry Emperor of the Paramekian Empire has turned to black magic to summon evil creatures in his attempt for world domination. The nearbyKingdom of Phin struggled against these creatures but eventually failed. In the aftermath of Phin's fall of power, 4 warriors are trying to escape the carnage when they are struck down by Imperial Horsemen, saved from death by the healer Minh, 3 of them find themselves caught up in the rebellion being organized by Princess Hilda of Phin against the Paramekian Empire and its evil minions.


Final Fantasy II had a huge range of weapons, armour, spells, monsters among others, making it similar to its predecessor in this aspect.

The mosts ignificant change was that there was no character classes or even experience levels, which was rare in an FF. Instead the characters improved various aspects of there ability by doing things connected to them - hitting monsters raised a characters fighting ability and taking damage in battle led to an increase in Hit Points.

FF II put you in charge of 4 characters, but unlike before there were three fixed her (Frionel, Maria and Guy), all connected to the plot. There was also a space for an extra character which was filled by different characters as the game progressed - a concept used in following FFs..

Lots of new magic which have continued strongly in sequels made there debut in FF II, including the likes of Ultima, Meteor, Toad and Mini. This was also the first game in the series to introduce the Magic Points system for casting spells.

A very good game only not up to current standards because of the technological limits, all the ingredients for a modern day classic were there. FF II was only released in Japan.

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