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Battle System

Final Fantasy XIII features an innovative battle system which incoporates many new battle features previously unseen to the Final Fantasy series.

One main change is the ease the player will be able to battle numerous foes simultaneously using a vareity of skills and weapons, which, as in Final Fantasy X, you are able to change in mid-battle.

These changes can be very useful in a realistic 3D fighting environment. For example changing weapons to long range and close combat types depending on the vicinity of your enemy can be a nice trick which can win you a battle. Also hand-to-hand martial arts techniques appear to be available.An Area of Effect feature has also been incorporated into the game, allowing you to attack multiple enemies at once with certain attacks, both from close and long range.

The menus on the battle screen display expected categories and sub-menus are displayed along the bottom of the screen. A small map is situated at the top left of the screen, similar to Final Fantasy X. A green circle displays your position whilst red circles represent the enemy (akin to Metal Gear Solid).

Damange inflicted onto the enemy is shown in numerical form above your enemies head momentarily when it is dealt. Physical attack damage will de displayed along with a 'Normal' or 'Critical' indicator. This also applies with Magic, with the element used being displayed with the damage.

Throughout the fight you mantain control over your character, allowing freedom to move, change targets and direction etc. Some attacks allow you to attack backwards, preventing ambushes. This means that battles could be fought in many ways, adding to the playability of the game.

The battle system generally seems similar to Final Fantasy XI and XII in the 360 degree roaming techniques it uses and the way that enemies are visible on the screen, not needing a screen change to enter battles.
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