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Battle System

Final Fantasy XII features a battle system unlike anything we have seen to date. With ideas taken from Final Fantasy XI and Vagrant Story, this new system comes as a surprise to traditional diehard FF fans.

Gone are the days when battling ment switching screens and standing in a fixed position. FFXII makes battling much more realistic by having battles take place on the same screen you use to explore. It is in real-time and there is no Turn-Based system here (such as in FFVII). Exp and Gill will be automatically gained after battle, again no screen trasitions, which overall make the game flow much more smoothly.

However there are similarities in this new system. Commands will still have to be issued via a in-battle menu. Also like FFX-2, once a command is issued a ATB bar will fill up showing how much time is left until the comand is executed. Again, different commands will have varying lenghs. Once a command is issued you do not have to issue another command for that character again unless you want to change the command. Characters will automatically perform their last instruction until the battle ends or the player inputs another command.

The player will only be able to control one of the three party member's movement whilst in battle, but you can pause the battle with the Circle button and are able to switch to any of the other 2 characters.

Eenemy targets will have an icon above their heads when the party moves within combat range. When you choose to attack, an arch appears between the character and the enemy, showing which target the character is going for.

  • Features:
  • 3D moveable camera
  • Battles on same screen as movement
  • Three party members in battles
  • Movement in battle
During exploration and movement, all three characters can be on screen and interactable with. During movement, they will follow the main character. FFXII also feature a fully rotatable camera enabling characters to gain a good grasp of their surroundings. Characters will be shown carrying weapons in and out of battle, which will change to what they have equipped.

Square have also devised a new type of magic - Green Magic, This encompasses status changing magic, from Blind to Protect. A system has also been implimented which will allow you to select a strategy for the NPC (Non Playable Characters) to follow whilst in battle. FFXII also takes into account characters classes and placements in battle, so Ranged characters can be protected by Short-Ranged characters, who will be pushed foward.
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