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Terms Dictionary

#1 Ability
See #6 Auto Ability and #7 Command Ability.

#2 Accuracy
Accuracy affects the probability of your character attacking successfully. The higher the figure, the more accurate your character (to a maximum of 255).

#3 Agility
The higher the Agility, the shorter the interval between two actions: this, agile heros can eliminate more of their opponents before the latter have a chance to defend themselves!

#4 AP (ability Points)
A character is rewarded with AP for participating in (and surviving!) a successful battle.

#5 Armour
This refers to objects such as rings, as well as conventional armour or items of clothing.

#6 Auto Ability
Auto Abilities are attributes or abilities inherent to specific weapons or items of armour. They do not require MP.

#7 Command Ability
Umbrella term referring to White Magic, Black Magic and Skills.

#8 CTB Window
Take a look at the top right of your screen during battle, you'll see the attack sequence of all participants. The letters represent your opponents. The sequence may change depending on the course of the battle.

#9 Defence
This figure recudes the damage inflicted by physical attacks. The maximum Defence level is 255.

#10 Evasion
The Evasion figure defermines your chance of evading a physical attack The maximum figure is 255.

#11 Gil
The is the unit of currency in the world of Final Fantasy X.

#12 HP (Hit Points)
A character's stamina points. If the figure drops to 0, the character is KO'ed and must be revived using magic or items. If one of your characters has lost 50% of his/her HP, s/he'll be weakened (you'll see that the HP display turns yellow). You can gain extra HP on the Sphere Grid. The maximum levele is 9999; this can be increased to an impressive 99,999 with Break HP Limit!

#13 Luck
The higher your Luck figure, the greater the probability of landing physical hits and Critical Hits. The maximum level is 255.

#14 Magic
The Magic figure determines the damage inflicted by magic attacks, as well as the healing power of magic. The masimum level is 255.

#15 Magic Defence
The higher this figure, the less damage will be inflicted on a character by magic attacks. The maximum level is 255.

#16 Mode/Overdrive Mode
During the course of the game, you can determine the mode in which a character's Overdrive gauge is filled.

#17 MP (Magic Points)
Most Command Abilities require MP in order to be used. Those characters who used a lot of magic should have plenty of MP at their disposal, in particular Yuna and Lulu at the start of the game. Extra MP can be gained on the Sphere Grid. The maximum figure is 999, but this can be increased to 9999 with Break MP Limit.

#18 Next
The figure shown after this Status display indicates the amount of AP required by a character in order to increase his or her S. Lvl (see #21).

#19 Node
This refers to the Sphere Grid fields that can be activated using Spheres.

#20 Overdrive
With a full Overdrive gauge, characters and aeons have more powerful attacks or action at their disposal - take a look at the Overdrive section to find out more.

#21 S. Lvl (Sphere Level)
The Sphere Level indicates the number of Sphere Grid nodes through which a character can move.

#22 S.Lvl Up
This message is shown when a character's S. Level increases.

#23 Skills
This refers to a specific skill that a character can use in battle. The use of skills consumes MP.

#24 Sphere
Defeated opponents leave various types of Spheres in their wake; your characters can use these theese on the Sphere Grid. You can also use the Spheres to customise your equipment.

#25 Sphere Grid
You must do more that simply defeat monsters if you want to increase your characters' level. Your Sphere Level determines the distance you can travel on the Sphere Grid. Depending on the Sphere in question, you can also activate various Nodes. As well as improving your basic character attributes, this allows you to acquire new skills and magic.

#26 Strength
This figure determines the amount of damage which a character's physical attacks can inflict. The maximum level is 255.

#27 Weapon
The term weapons does not simply refer to swords or lances but also includes objects such as Lulu's dolls or Wakka's balls.

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