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Sphere Grid Guide

1: Sphere Level
The S. Lvl indicates the number of steps you can still take on the Sphere Grid.

2: Current Character
This is the character you've selected.

3: Marking Circle
Move this cursor if, for eample, you want to set a new target for your character.

4: Current Position
Shows the Node that your character is currently occupying.

You'll need Spheres to activate the nodes and unlock the relevant abilities/attributes. If Key Locks are blocking your way, you'll need the rare Key Sphere which allows one of your heroes to penetrate another character's sectors and learn completely new abilities. Spheres can be obtained by defeating (or bribing) monsters, talking to people or rummaging around in treasure chests. There are many different types of Spheres which have different effects on the Grid!

Ability SphereAbilities
Furtune SphereLuck
Mana SphereMP, Magic, Magic Defence
Power SphereHP, Strength, Defence
Speed SphereAgility, Evasion, Accuracy

Attribute SphereAttribute-increasing Node already activated by another character.
Blk Magic SphereBlack Magic Ability Node already activated by another character.
Master SphereAny Mode, regardless of location and activation.
Skill SphereSkill Node already activated by another character.
Special SphereSpecial Ability Node already activated by another character.
Wht Magic SphereWhite Magic Node already activated by another character.

Lv. 1 Key SphereLv 1 Key Lock.
Lv. 2 Key SphereLv 2 Key Lock.
Lv. 3 Key SphereLv 3 Key Lock.
Lv. 4 Key SphereLv 4 Key Lock.

PurpleConverts empty Nodes into
Accuracy SphereAccuracy +4.
Agility SphereAgility +4.
Defence SphereDefence +4.
Evasion SphereEvasion +4.
HP SphereHP +300.
Luck SphereLuck +4.
Magic Def Sphere SphereMagic Def +4.
Magic SphereMagic +4.
MP SphereMP +40.
Strength SphereStrength +4.

Clear SphereNode which has already been activated.

Pale PurpleClears
Friend SphereNode on which another character is located.
Return SphereAny Node already activated by the current character.
Teleport SphereAny Node already activated by another character.
Warp SphereAny Node.

Developing your character on the Sphere Grid

1st Step
Your characters will gain Ability Points (AP) at the end of a victorious battle. You may also gain spheres which are occasionally left by the enemy. Ability Points Increase a character's Sphere Level.

2nd Step
Go to the Main Menu, select the Sphere Grid option by pressing [X] and then select a character.

3rd Step
You will be shown the Sphere Grid for the selected character. You ca use [L2] and [R2] to tilt the Grid and zoom in by pressing [Select].

4th Step
Press [X], from the resulting options, chose Move to move your character; you will see that accessible Nodes are highlighted. You can enter one new field per Sphere Level, or you can cross four activated fields. Press [X] to confirm your decision.

5th Step
If you are on or directly beside a Node which has yet to tbe activated, press [X]. Now select Use in the new window. Another window will open, displaying a list of your Spheres. The available Spheres are highlighted in white. You can use certain Spheres to transform empty Node fields into activated ones, whereas others can be used to activate non-adjacent Nodes.

6th Step
Select a Sphere type. Press [X] to confirm your decision or [Cirlce] to cancel.

7th Step
The Node field has activated and your character has learnt a new ability or increasd an attribute. You'll new see a small coloured mark next to the field. Either continue or press [Triangle] to view your character's Status. You can use [L1] and [R1] to switch to other characters or press [Circle] to return to the main menu.

Colours on the Sphere Grid

At the start of the game, some Nodes will not be activated and are therefore grey. A Node will light up once it has been activated. However if you switch to another character, the field will be grey again, since it has not yet been activated by the relevant character. Each Node has seven small squares arranged around it. If one of these lights up, you'll be able to see which character has already activated the node in question. The following colour code is used to denote the various characters:

Tidus Yuna Auron Kimahri Wakka Lulu Rikku

Nodes and Spheres

You'll need Spheres to activate Nodes as you come across them, even if they've already been activated by another character. The increase increments will remain the same. However, if the Node was originally activated by a Purple Sphere, the increase will always be 4 attribute points, 300 HP or 40 MP.

Symbol Node Spheres required Spheres if already activated
HP Power Attribute
Strength Power Attribute
Defence Power Attribute
MP Mana Attribute
Magic Mana Attribute
Magic Defence Mana Attribute
Agility Speed Attribute
Evasion Speed Attribute
Accuracy Speed Attribute
Luck Fortune Attribute
Ability Skill Attribute
Special AbilityP Ability Special
White Magic Ability Wht Magic
Black Magic Ability Blk Magic
Lv. 1 Lock Lv. 1 Key --
Lv. 2 Lock Lv. 2 Key --
Lv. 3 Lock Lv. 3 Key --
Lv. 4 Lock Lv. 4 Key --
-- -- --
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