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The Menus are the nerve centre of your characters and game. From here you can carry out a host of actions from the numerous menus and submenus. Mastering these menus and knowing what to do when could greatly boost your chances of completing Final Fantasy X efficiently and easily.

Main Menu

Final Fantasy X Menu
You can use the [Triangle] button to access the main menu and from there you can access all the sub-menus.

All current members of your party are listed on the left-hand side of the menu, and are sorted according to battle sequence. Next to the name, you'll see the character's current HP and MP; the figure to the right of the backslash refers to their current maximum levels.

At the lower edge of the screen, your total playing time, your current cash reserves and your current location are all displayed. The sub-menus are listed to hte right of the scren. Some menus are unavailable at the start of the game. However your options will increase during the course of your adventure. In all menus, you will see Help messages at the top of your screen.

Item Menu

Use or sort out equipment, or take a look at the Key Items which you've found during your journey.

Here you can browse through the items you've collected as well as seeing how many items (shown in white) can be used directly within the meny with the Use command. For example, you can heal your characters between battle, sending them into combat with optimum strength. Sort allows you to sort items manually or automatically, ensuring that you always have a clear overview of them.

If you want to sort your equipment manually, you'll be provided with information on each selected object. At the top left you'll see which character can equip the equipment; next to that you'll see his/her current levels and the equipment s/he's presently carrying, as well as any abilities associated with the selected object. However, you can only switch your equipment in the Equip meny (or during battle).

Key Items will list the items in your possession which you cannot use or equip, but which are valuable nontheless. Take a look at the Items chapter to find out more about items and their abilities.

Ability Menu

Use a character's special abilities.

You can use this sub-menu to view or use your characters' Command Abilities (which should not be confused with items' Auto Abilities). The abilities highlighted in white are currently available. For example, Yuna can heal your party between battles. Click here to see a list of Command Abilities

Overdrive Menu

View the Overdrive techniques which your characters have mastered and change their Overdrive Modes.

First, select a character and see which Overdrive techniques are currently available to him or her. As usual, you'll find that a brief help message will appear at the top of the screen.

You can use Set Mode to determine the conditions under which a character's Overdrive gauge will be filled. The current Mode is shown next to the Overdrive gauge in the Mode field.

Equip Menu

Increase your efficiency by changing weapons and armour.

Select a character. Next to your character's picture, you'll see a list of his/her current equipment, and to the bottom right you'll see any associated abilities. Press [X] to see all weapons or armour available to the character in question, including their associated abilities. Now you can either select new equipment or retain the existing equipment. The armour list includes an empty field: if you select thing, the character will unequip his or her armour.

Status Menu

Take a look at your characters' attributes and the abilities acquired to date.

You'll see the selected character's most important attributes and equipment at a glance. Press [X] to see the Auto Abilities; these are weapon-dependant and only have an effect if the weapon in question is equipped. Press [X] again to see the Command Abilities {skills, special and White and Black Magic} which your character has learnt on the Sphere Grid.

Aeons Menu

Everything you need to know about the aeons found to date, as well as their attributes and abilities.

Selected one of the Aeons and use {x} to confirm your choice. The following screen will show you detailed attributes, special attacks, Overdrive techniques and the current Overdrive gauge level. [X] allows you to first view the Aeon's abilities, followed by the creature's skills, specials, White Magic and Black Magic

Use [Circle] twice to return to the previous menu; you may have to press [Circle] twice to access the Abilities and Attributes from the Status display. Also bear in mind that some menu options will only become available after you have reached certain points in the game. You can teach the aeons new abilities and increase their a ttributes. The procedure in both cases is identical: to the left, you'll see the abilities or attributes (as always you can only select those highlighted in white), and to the right you'll see the necessary items. The first figure indicates how many you currently have, while the second figure indicates how many will remain following the action. Use [X] to confirm your selection. Consider your decision carefully - all changes are permanent...

Formation Menu

Vary your batlle formation

The three characters listed at the top will automatically be the first three to take part in the next. The chracters listed below must be sent into battle by pressing [L1] during combat. If you want to change the formation and give your of your three heros a rest, just select the character in question and press [X]. Now select the character you want to send into battle in their place and press [X] again: changing your battle formation is that simple! Incidently, it makes no difference whether a character occupies the first second or third position

Customise Menu

Customise and improve your weapons and armour

Auto Abilities are indispensable during battles and depend on the weapon or armour with which your character is equipped. Up to four Auto Abilities can be assigned to each piece of equipment, provided the equipment in question has enough free ability slots.

Any armour or weapon to which you can assign new Auto Abilities is highlighted in white, while existing abilities and available capacity are shown at the bottom right. Once you've selected the item of equipment to be altered, just press [X]: the potential Auto Abilities will be listed. Take a look at the Item Cost to see which items you will have to use. The first figure indicates how many you currently have, while the second figure shows how many will remain after the action in question is carried out.

Press [X] to confirm your selection. Incidently, the name of the upgrade equipment may change. For example, if you assign the abilities Strength +3%, Strength +5% and Strength +10% to Variable Steel, it will be transformed into a Knight Sword. If you then decide to add Strength +20%, the Knight Sword will become a Master Sword.
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