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In-game reset:

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Hint: Easy full Overdrive:

Activate the tutorial console and select "Fiend Info". As the battle goes on, call an Aeon. When the Overdrive gauge is full, use an attack other than the Overdrive. After the battle ends, you Overdrive gauge will be full. Go to Monster Arena in the Calm Lands. Buy weapons with the Capture ability. Capture all monsters from all areas, then go back to the arena and talk to the man. He will give you a lot of items, then he will say that he has created a monster. He will ask if you want to fight it for free. Answer "Yes". The monster is called Catastrophe. When you fight, it will release an attack called Poison Breath. It will do over 10,000 damage and all of your characters that are fighting will die. However, your Overdrive will either be full or very close to being full.

Hint: Easy Aeon healing:

Instead of bothering to have one of your Aeons learn any of the cure spells, try this. For the elemental Aeons (Ifrit, Shiva, Ixion, etc.), try using a spell that corresponds with their element (Ifrit: Fire, Shiva: Blizzard, Ixion: Thunder). This heals them much more than if you did any cure spell You can also try the advanced spells (Fira, Blizzara, etc.).

Hint: Aeons and legendary weapons:

Although it may seem as if your legendary weapons are weak and useless, get all of them and your Aeons will have a normal attack of 9999.

Hint: Quick healing and restoration:

Every time you save the game at a save point, it will completely heal all the party members, revive all summons and completely heal MP.

Hint: Low MP spells:

Equip items with the one MP ability and Magic Booster. This makes each spell cast cost one MP, and Magic Booster makes the damage x1.5 for double the MP. Then, double cast these spells for a cost of only 4 MP. If you do not have 1 MP or Half MP abilities, use the following trick to use considerably less MP for maximum damage. Have one person with Doublecast and Ultima, and everyone (including the one with Doublecast and Ultima) with Copycat. Doublecast Ultima (180 MP), then have everybody use Copycat (28 MP). After the first 180 MP, it will only cost 28 MP to Doublecast Ultima.

Hint: Hidden ending:

After defeating Yu Yevon and the FMV sequence begins, allow all the credits to complete. You will see spirits start to gather, like the orbs before Jecht and it will show Tidus swimming to the top of the lake Yuna was looking towards at the end.

Hint: Speak perfect Al Bhed at the start:

Play through and collect all the Al Bhed Primers, then save the game. Start a new game. At the point where Tidus first arrives in Spira, he is in the water with a bird on it. When he can move, swim over to the left of the screen. Over on that side is an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. Make sure that you have the same memory card in that your first game was saved to. Touch the sphere and have it compile the Al Bhed dictionary. Check your key items. You will now find that you have every single Al Bhed Primer that you found in your first game. If you found all 26 of them, you will be speaking perfect Al Bhed, even before meeting Rikku for the first time. Note: If this is done, all the Al Bhed Primers will disappear from the "new" game, as you will already have them. Also, you can roam and get every single Primer in the game except for XXII, which is in the Temple Of Bevelle -- If you did not get it the first time around, you will have to wait until you can get it in the second game. All other Primers can be found at any time in the game.

Hint: Defeating Behemoth Kings:

If you have a weapon with "Capture" equipped and manage to use it in the finishing hit, the Behemoth King will not do his "Meteor" counter-attack before dying. Note: Also add the "Sensor" ability to the same weapon too.

Hint: Defeating Cactuars:

Provoke Cactuars them with Tidus, then attack with Wakka. If Wakka is not strong enough to kill the Cactuar with one hit, you will probably have to revive Tidus.

Hint: Defeating the Crawler Machina:

Make sure that Rikku's Overdrive gauge is almost full and you have an Arctic Wind equipped. Have Auron, Rikku, and any other character out on the battlefield. Do not destroy the Magic Blocker that the Machina sends out. That prevents the Machina from using Mana Beam. Instead, have Rikku steal from the Machina to get a Lunar Curtain. Have the next two characters in your party attack. When Rikku's overdrive gauge is full, have her mix the Arctic Wind and the Lunar Curtain. This will cast Haste and Shell on your party. It also puts a shield around you. Also, your party will regain health after you are attacked by the Machina.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:

Get all your Aeons' Overdrives character's Overdrives up before battle. When you enter the battle, let everyone hit once with their Overdrive (so at the end they all get experience) and let Yuna summon her Aeons and use their Overdrives. Try using Yuna's Overdrive "Grand Summon" and summon your best Aeon. You can use two Overdrives with hem if you charged them up. To defeat almost any Boss in the game, go through the Monster Arena side quest until the man gives you 60 (99?) Gambler's Spirits. Next, build up your characters' Overdrives. With a party that includes Tidus, Rikku, and Yuna, go into a battle. Usually Rikku will go first -- have her use Overdrive: Mix and combine two Gambler's Spirits. This casts Trio of 9999 (makes the next time the character attacks to do 9999 damage). Then, use Tidus and his second Overdrive. Since you cast Trio of 9999, all six of Tidus' attacks will do 9999 damage for a grand total of 59,994. Next, have Yuna Grand Summon a strong Aeon (Anema, Magus Sisters, Bahamut) and they should do about 30,000 damage for a grand total about 90,000. This should kill any Boss except for Omega Weapon, and the second form of Braska's final Aeon. For even more damage, make sure all of your Aeons are also at Overdrive.

Hint: Defeating enemies that use Reflect:

Have a party member cast Reflect on another party member. Then, just use an attack spell on that person. For example, when you are fighting an enemy with Reflect, to attack that creature with magic first use Reflect on Tidus with Yuna. On the next move, use Thundaga on Tidus. It will reflect to the enemy and will not be reflected back.

Hint: Easy win:

Use Zombie, then Phoenix Down (or the potion that heals you completely) on the enemy.

Hint: Easy gil:

Collect all the Al Bhed Primers throughout the game. When this is completed, talk to Rin on the airship. Tidus will have a conversation with him in Al Bhed and will then receive 99 Underdog's Secrets. You can use 30 to add the Double Overdrive ability to a weapon, or they can be sold for 5,000 gil each.

Hint: Increase damage:

When in battle, choose the Attack command. When your character is just about to strike, tap R1. A small explosion will appear on the enemy and the damage will be twice the amount usually done. Throughout the game you will acquire Black Magic Spheres. Save them until Lulu has learned her top elemental spells, when Kimari learns Ultima, and when Wakka gets close enough to Flare to learn it. You will need a total of six Black Magic Spheres. Teach Ultima, then Flare, then the elemental spells to Yuna. When she powers up her Nirvana, she can use Ultima and do at least 18,000 HP worth of damage to each enemy for only 1 MP. If you want even more damage, have her learn Doublecast with a Skill Sphere obtainable from enemies in the Omega Ruins. Holy also works well after Yuna powers up her Nirvana. This is effective because Yuna's magic power is double that of Lulu.

Hint: Potions:

At the very beginning of the game, as you head down the long road to get to the Blitzball stadium, talk to the girl running around who talks about tickets more than once. Eventually she will say that tickets are sold out, and will ask if you can get tickets for her. Tell her you can, and she will reward you with two Potions. Near the start of the game, when you get on the S.S. Liki after getting Yuna, you should be able to explore the ship for a little bit. When you get to walk around, go downstairs. A man will talk to you about your clothes. After he is done talking, go to the only open room (on the left side) in the hallway. You should see a seasick man with his head out the window. On the far right of the screen, you should see a suitcase similar to the one Yuna was going to bring on the boat. Go up to it and press X to kick it. You will receive a Potion. Keep kicking it to get about fifteen free Potions.

Hint: Items:

After your ship docks at the first town (the one torn apart by Sin), proceed through the intermission sequence with Yuna, and you will find yourself in a hut. Exit the hut, and proceed to the left side of the screen. You will see a child on a pile of rubble. Press X near the child to rescue her before the rubble collapses. Proceed to the hut at the top right of the current screen for a free item from the chest.

Hint: Hidden locations:

There are several hidden locations on the world map that you can find by selecting specific coordinates while aboard the airship. Move the pointer to the approximate coordinates and press X to search that region.

Location X coordinate Y coordinate
Baaj Temple11-16 57-63
Sanubia Desert12-16 41-45
Besaid falls29-32 73-76
Mi'ihen Ruins33-36 55-60
Battle Site39-43 55-60
Omega Ruins69-75 33-38

Hint: Revisiting temples:

After defeating Seymour 3, go to the Farplanes in Guadosalam and talk to the leader. He will not say anything relevant to the temples, but you will be able to go back in them. You cannot go back to Beville, but it is not necessary to go there to get Anima.

Hint: Airship passwords:

There are hidden locations accessible by using the "Input" feature found in the airship command list. All passwords are case-sensitive. GODHAND VICTORIOUS MURASAME AL BHED

Hint: No Encounter:

To find the No Encounter easily, capture a Ghost where you get the Yojimbo. Then, go the man in the Calm Lands. Find the Ghost and fight him until you get the No Encounter.

Hint: Quicker party:

If you have your three faster characters in your battle party formation, you will always get your initial turns faster. Then, just switch them out for slower characters, allowing them to go instead.

Hint: Staying alive:

Keep Yuna out of a battle. When someone is about to die, use white magic Cure and they will have full health. Or, use Ifrit and you can heal yourself by using the fire attack on yourself.

Hint: Get other people on Blitzball team:

> To get other people on your Blitzball team press Square while facing someone. If they play, it will show their stats. Shin them up for as many games as you want. Note: This costs money.

Hint: Better Blitzball players:

If you are bad at Blitzball, keep playing until a good team fires one of their players. Then, go to the team and find the player that they fired and hire him.

Hint: Blitzball team locations:

Here are the original locations for the six Blitzball teams: Luca Goers: Dock #3, Luca Ronso Fangs: Dock #4, Luca Al Bhed Psyches: Airship Engine Room Besaid Aurochs: Right Locker Room, Luca Guado Glories: Guadosalam Kilika Beasts: Kilika

Hint: Wake up sleeping Blitzball players:

If any of your players have been put to sleep by a nap tackle, change your strategy and they will automatically wake up without you having to lose the ball by throwing it at them. For example, if Tidus is put to sleep by a nap tackle and your current strategy is Normal Attack, switch to Left Attack and he will wake up.

Hint: Easy Blitzball win:

After the gaining control of the airship, scout Brother (the man flying it). Put him on you team for as many games as you can afford. He is very fast and will be a good player to have on your team. Also have Tidus and another good shooter and put them in your RF and LF positions. Have Brother be your MF. The rest of the positions do not matter. When your team gets the ball, give it to Brother. Dribble in with him and go around all of the defenders. If you get close enough, the defenders will follow you. Since Brother is so fast dribbling in, get all defenders on you, and dribble the opposite direction to the goal your team is guarding. If all defenders follow you, should be able to get away from the defenders enough so you can have an open pass down the other half of the sphere. Pass it to one of the open players down the sphere. If Tidus has the Sphere or Jecht Shot, give it to him or someone else that is open. Once you pass it, dribble down with the player who received the pass. You should have an open shot. Take it at point blank range, since it is very possible to do that. You should score most of the time. Continue this to rack up points and the game should be no problem. If you just want to waste down the clock, give the ball to Brother and just run around. No one should be able to catch him. Note: This trick works the best when playing the Ronso Fangs.

Hint: Bonus Blitzball items:

At the end of a season or tournament in Blitzball, if two or more of your players are tied for the lead in scoring, you will receive an item for each of them. For example, if Tidus and Wakka both finish a tournament with four goals each The prize for leading scorer is a Return Sphere. You will receive a Return Sphere for both Wakka and Tidus, giving you two of them.

Hint: Recommended Blitzball players:

Jumal: Goalie (Sitting on a bench in Luca) Ropp: LD or RD (Clerk in AlBhed shop on Mi'Hen highroad) Kyou: LD or RD (Djose temple - crusader with red and blue) Wakka: LF, RF or MF (on Airship after Zanarkand) Tidus: LF, RF or MF Wedge: LF, RF or MF (Guarding door into Luca stadium) Tidus: RF Vilucha: LF (Besaid Village-House ) Letty: MF (Luca Stadium, Aurochs Locker Room) Vuroja: LD (Kilika Port, Docks) Jassu: RD (Luca Stadium, Aurochs' Locker Room) Nimrook: GL (Airship, Corridor) Note: You will have to wait for some players to be released from certain teams and need a lot money to get them.

Hint: Mastering the Jecht Shot:

When you are on the ship about to go to Luca and ready to practice it, do not do it when it the game displays the directional arrows. Instead, do it when the sentences from Jecht appear on the screen. For example, when the voice of Jecht says "You're never gonna make it kid" on the bottom right corner of the screen, press Left Analog-stick Right then X and it will disappear. There are a total of eleven sentences that he says. Keep resetting it until you master it.

Hint: Easy captures:

Later in the game, when every monster is basically a mini-boss, have two magic casters with the One AP Cost and Break Damage Limit abilities use Doublecast Demi. Then, have your most heavy hitting character with a Capture weapon enter and finish them off.

Hint: Easy AP:

This trick requires a Friend Sphere or Teleport Sphere and Rikku on your team. Use a Teleport Sphere or a Friend Sphere to get to where Rikku starts out on the Sphere Grid. Because she starts out with such low HP, the sphere grid has to give her a lot of HP Spheres. Getting other characters there will add at least 1000 HP. Collect some Doors Of Tomorrow, either from the first weapon in the Omega Ruins or from the Battle Arena by capturing enemies. Then, gain the ability Overdrive -> AP. Return to the Battle Arena and choose the character who has the weapon with that skill. It is best to have three characters with it for easier levels and to save time. Set the character's Overdrive mode to "Comrade" then choose to fight a King Cactaur. Note: You must have captured all the enemies from the Thunder Plains in order to unlock King Cactaur. In the battle the King Cactaur will use either 10,000 Needles or 99,999 Needles (better). Keep using Phoenix Downs or a Life spell to bring back the character he kills. He will eventually run away and the battle will end with your characters sometimes gaining anywhere from 10 to 20 levels depending on how long the battle lasted and how many times King Cactaur used his attacks.

Hint: Easy Sphere levels:

Catch all the monsters in the Calm Lands and then get the Chimerageist at the Monster Arena and fight it multiple times. Along with normal levels, you will get Return Spheres. Go to the Sphere Grid and use Return Spheres to go to an already activated Sphere with an un-activated one next to it. Activate it and use the Return Spheres to move to it. Repeat this to get as many as desired and keep fighting Chimerageist to get more Spheres and Dark Matter.

Hint: Exceed Max Damage:

With this ability equipped on your weapon, you can hit for a maximum of 99,999 instead of only 9,999. You need 60 Dark Matter. You can win these from many of the special battle fights at the Monster Trainer. When you equip this ability on a weapon, the name of the weapon changes as well.

Hint: Exceed Max HP:

This ability equipped in your armor will allow you to have more than 9,999 HP. It is very difficult to raise your HP very far past 9,999, even if you use the additional abilities of HP +30% and similar methods. To gain the Exceed Max HP ability, you need 30 Wings Of Heaven. To gain these items, use the Wairu (Bribe) command. If you bribe the Maruboru in Nagi Plains/Calm Lands and pay the 540,000 gil, he will leave behind two to four Wings of Heaven. You also can get 30 of them for capturing 10 of every enemy for one area of the game.

Hint: Break HP Limit:

Get the airship (after the battle with Yunalesca), go to search and enter the coordinates for the Omega Ruins(X: 74, Y: 36). Make your way through the ruins until you fight Omega Weapon's shadow. Then, go to the little transporter in front of you. It will take you to another world. Fight your way to the purple light. Having Tidus's Calabolg at maximum power is recommended. It will defeat Omega Weapon's true form quickly. After the battle, you will receive the Genji Sheild. It has the Break HP Limit, which will allow you to surpass 9999 HP.

Hint: Easy Wings To Discovery:

To get 60 Wings To Discovery without bribing Malabro or Great Malabro, first capture all the monsters in Mt. Gagazet. Then, capture all the monsters in the Calm Lands. Go to the Monster Arena Trainer and talk to him once. Do not fight the arena creation. A chest containing Yuna's best weapon will drop down . Open it, then talk to the trainer again. Do not fight the arena creation. He will give you some items. Talk to him again for the 60 Wings To Discovery. If he does not give it to you, keep talking to him until he does.

Hint: Tidus: Easy experience:

To get Tidus to level up faster, get his double AP weapon which is located in Sanubia Desert (12-16, 41-45). With this weapon, you will be able to level up faster and can get to the ability that you want to learn.

Hint: Tidus: Get Blitzace sooner:

Get Tidus the Overdrive victor, so that every five battles you win you can use an Overdrive. Fight somewhere you know you can win battles quickly to charge the Overdrive up. Use the Overdrive enough times to get Blitzace.

Hint: Wakka: Overdrive:

Wakka's Overdrive is Slots. When the screen appears, press X and get three of the same colored circles. The power of Wakka's Overdrive does not depend on the color of the slot he gets. It is based on elemental damage: yellow for lighting, blue for water, red for fire, and white for ice.

Hint: Best place to train:

The best place to train in is the Zanarkand Ruins-Cordor area. This is because you get the same amount of AP from here as from Omega Ruins even though they are weak enemies. The monsters at Omega Ruins are more difficult.

Hint: Easier Chocobo handling:

Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and your Chocobo will be easier to steer.

Hint: Besaid Island Village: Energy Burst:

Go to the first building on the left. There is a dog inside. Talk to it to get Valefor's second Overdrive, Energy Burst.

Hint: Bickanel Island: Cactaur games:

Go to Bickanel Island. Go to the farthest screen right before home. There is a stone similar to the ones in the Thunder Plains. Talk to it and it will tell you to find a Cactaur and then another. There are ten in all. When you play their games, try to catch them then use magic on it when you fight it. Do not hit it with physical attacks -- it will dodge them.

Hint: Bickanel Island: Special items:

When you reach "Home" on Bikanel Island, follow Rikku down to the corridor. Do not go through the door on your left until you have gotten the items. First, go to the right and you will find an seemingly empty hall. Go up to get the first treasure, six Al Bhed potions. Come down and go to the right some more and to find two doors on your right. You cannot go through the malfunctioned door. Your only choice is the other door. Before going inside, get the Al Bhed Primer in the corner just beside the door. Go inside and defeat the Guado Guard and Chimeras. There are two treasures there (one is hidden). First, go to the one that you can see. It will ask for a combination and give you hints on what the numbers are. Next, find the hidden one, just beside the flames on the ground. It will ask a series of questions. For the first question, "Are You Al Bhed?", select the third choice. The second question is "Name the son of the Al Bhed leader". Answer "Brother". The third question is "On what island do the Al Bhed live?". Chose "Bikanel Island". The last question is "What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed". Choose the first choice to obtain the treasure. Next, go back up the steps and enter the room on the left. Fight the Guado Guard and Dual Horns to progress. The first treasure box will say something about being the "Treasure Chest of Dreams". Choosing an item is up to you. At the second chest you will be asked to translate a series of words in Al Bhed. Answer accordingly: Sorry (second to last choice); Wait (last choice on second row); Pardon (second choice on second row).

Hint: Calm Lands: Easy AP:

In order to do the following trick, you must have the airship, all of the Thunder Plain monsters, the Overdrive=AP ability on your weapons, a lot of Phoenix Downs, the overdrive mode on "Stoic" or "Comrade" (or you will not get the experience), and Auto-Phoenix (recommended). Go to Calm Lands and make sure you have your Overdrive=AP weapons on. Go over to the arena, and play against Cactuar King (in Zone Conquer). When the battle starts, immediately cast Hastega on your party. Cactuar should make his first attack. If not, have the character use a move that will hit Cactuar King, and that character is set for the battle. If Cactuar King attacked, use a Pheonix Down on whoever died, then attack. Watch your timing -- If he has a turn immediately after yours, fix anything you have to, but do not attack. This will make this match very difficult, because he will kill two characters. Make sure your Limit setting is either on Stoic, or Comrade, so his 100,000 damage translates into that much AP. Assuming that you hit him with all the characters you want to gain levels, continue to do a Phoenix Down, Guard, Phoenix Down, Guard, and after you have had enough, you can run, you can kill him, or he will run. You should have at least 100,000 AP after the battle. After the battle, buy more Phoenix Downs, save, use levels, and then do it again.

Hint: Calm Lands: Easy monster captures:

Find the Monster Arena owner. Buy a weapon from him. Go and fight lots of Anacondours and steal 60 Petrify Grenades from them. Customize the weapon with Stonestrike. Capture all the monsters that you need in the Calm Lands. Talk to the Monster Arena owner. He will give you a chest with Nirvana, Yuna's legendary weapon. You cannot open it without the Celestial Mirror. Talk to the man. He will give you 60 Farplane Winds. Customize your weapon with these to get Deathstrike. Now almost any monster can be captured in one move.

Hint: Chamber Of The Fayth: Items:

After Master Mika "leaves", fly back to every Cloister Of Trials in the game, and make your way to the Chamber Of The Fayth. Once there, you will get new intermission sequences and at least four very rare and useful items in the treasure chests.

Hint: Djose Temple: Hidden treasure:

Solve the bottom floor as normal, then before going to the next floor, go left and touch the glyph there to take the Destruction Sphere. Take it to the next floor and put it in the small column directly in front of you. A section will blow up. Take the treasure, solve the rest of the puzzle, then go upstairs to get the rest of the three treasures.

Hint: Kilika: Hidden items:

Go to Besaid Village at any point in the game. Then, go to the bushes between the shop and Luzzu and Gatta's place. Walk in the bushes and you will be in a small clearing. There will be three treasure chests there, and a man who can give you some items. To get there, use the airship or just go in when you first visit Besaid.

Hint: Kilika Temple: Hidden treasure:

Solve the entire puzzle including the last door, but do not go to the Chamber Of Fayth yet. Get the Destruction Sphere and put it in the second (movable) altar. Step on the shiny spot on the floor on the right side, then move the altar on top of it. A section will blow up. Take the treasure, proceed to the Chamber Of Fayth, and get the rest of the treasures.

Hint: Luca: View CGMs:

Go to Luca and go down. On the next screen go up and talk to the man in red. Buy Movie Spheres, then talk to the receptionist to view them.

Hint: Luca: Listen to music:

Go to Luca and go down. On the next screen go up and talk to the man in blue. Buy Music Spheres, then talk to the receptionist to listen to them.

Hint: Luca: Win first Blitzball game:

Use the following tactic to defeat the Luca Goers on the first attempt. First, it is absolutely essential that Tidus complete the Jecht Shot Challenge offered on the boat ride from Kilika to Luca. This will give him the infamous Jecth Shot, which is the most reliable way to beat the Luca Goners tough defense. As the match begins, place Tidus in the front and place the other players at the location of your choice. During the first half, Tidus will be unable to use techs as his level is too low (and the game gives no chance to set techs). Focus on keeping the ball away from the Goers. Make long passes in the Auroch's territory to burn the clock, and be sure to have Tidus get plenty of time on the ball passing and dribbling. Avoid shooting because the Goers will have a good chance to score if they get the ball. At half time, if Tidus has done enough ballhandling he will obtain level 3. This allows him to set the Jecth Shot in his tech slot. As the second half starts, hopefully you will have held the score to 0-0 by passing between defenders. Have Tidus break toward the Luca goal with the ball. Swim him as close as possible (using manual mode, watching the overhead map, and not the actual players). If there are two or less defenders on him, break out the Jecht Shot and the Luca Goers will be powerless to stop it. Keep in mind you will only have the first three minutes of the second half before Wakka is substituted back in. If you are finding it difficult to get Tidus to the goal with two or less defenders (he must shoot from almost point-blank range due to his low level), simply have a defender swim toward the Luca side and then swim away toward the Aurochs territory to lure Luca's aggressive players away from their goal. Then, pass and attack. With these techniques you should be able to bring home the big blue trophy (which you will see Wakka carrying as he bids farewell to the Aurochs after the game)/ For your efforts you will be rewarded with a Strength Sphere, which will make the upcoming battles considerably easier. The post-game reaction from Luca residents will be different as well, after Tidus and crew upset their home team.

Hint: Luca: Another Jecht Shot chance:

If you missed the Jecht Shot the first time, after you have defeated Yuunalesca and have the airship, go to Luca. Take the regular ship that is in port. Once on it, go to the forward deck and there will be a Blitz Ball there. Walk up to it and press X. Note: You can also get the Wizard Ball on the ship by counting the sea gulls (11 of them) and talking to the man on the upper deck that is sitting down.

Hint: Macalania Woods: Celestial Mirror:

After obtaining the Cloudy Mirror in the Calm Lands, get on the Airship and go to the Macalania Woods. Go straight until you see a mother and son. Speak to them to find out that the father is late. Go to the fork (where the guards are patrolling). Take the north fork and you will see the father. Speak with him, and he will run over to the rendezvous point. Go back and speak to the couple, now without a son, until they mention the son being gone. Look around for a sparkling path and go up. Locate the north end of it (where a women was blocking it) and go to the plant at the end. Press X to examine it, and it will charge the Cloudy Mirror into its final form, the Celestial Mirror. The mirror is needed to get the Ultimate Weapons.

Hint: Macalania woods: Double Overdrive for final weapons:

Go to the tree where you found the child of the missing couple in the Macalania woods. After you have obtained a couple Ultimate Weapons, go to that tree and press Action to upgrade final weapons.

Hint: Macalania Temple: Easy experience:

Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. When leaving the Macalania Temple, you are chased out by a certain group. Set your cursor in the game configuration to "Memory". Place Yuna in your party and set her up on "Pray". Bring in at least one heavy hitter and set him on "Attack". Choose the third member of the group by simply selecting a person you would like to also level up. After selecting your character's movements (avoid attacks with MP Cost and do not use Item), set your controller to fire the X repeatedly. The angry group will continue attacking while the party gains experience. Your characters may not be strong enough on your first pass through the temple, but it can be reached again once you gain the airship, or reached on foot once on the Calm Lands.

Hint: Macalania Temple Hidden treasure:

Solve the entire puzzle (three slabs of ice) then recognize the three floors. The first floor is the one with the three big ice slabs and the shiny object; the second is the big floor with the three poles; and last is the small floor. Step on the shiny object on the second floor, which should bring an altar to your right. Take the Macalania Sphere and place it in the slot that makes a ramp. Then, go to the last floor and take the Glyph Sphere. Bring it to the altar on the second floor and put it in. Go to the first floor and step on the shiny object there, which will make the altar appear to the left of the screen. Push it and watch. Get the pink Destruction Sphere and go down to the last floor. Insert the sphere in the slot you have not used and a treasure box will appear. Get the treasure and go to the second floor. At the three big altars, take out the Macalania Sphere from the one to the left. Put it in the slot to the far right to make a big ice thing appear. Push the moving altar to the right, then take the Macalania Sphere from the slot to the far right and put it in the moving altar. Push it so it goes to the last floor. At the last floor, push the altar right again to activate an ice slab. Then on the second floor, take the Macalania Sphere and put it in the left large altar. Then, go to the Chamber Of Fayth and take the treasures located there.

Hint: Monster Arena: Keep items:

When fighting in the Monster Arena, even if you die, you still keep any items you may have stolen.

Hint: Monster Arena: Easy Gil:

Have an attack that does at least 50,000 damage. Quick Hit is recommended. Release One-eye in special contest by capturing at least four of each species of One-eyes in all Spira. You can get between 300,000 and 1,000,000 gil by defeating One-eye. Also, sell the items he drops (such as those with Triple AP Auto-ability), to get more.

Hint: Mt. Gagazet: Get a lot of Kimahri's skills:

When you are fighting Biran and Yenke on Mt. Gagazet, just keep using Lancet on them until there is no more to steal. Kimahri will have a lot more skills than before.

Hint: Omega Ruins Easy AP:

Find Omega Weapon (this can also be done with Ultima Weapon). Have Rikku Mug from him and you will get 10 Doorway Tomorrows. Do not waste these -- they can give your weapon Overdrive > AP, which gives you AP every time your Overdrive meter fills, then set the Overdrive of the owner of the weapon to ally, which will charge the Overdrive meter. Next, go to the Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth and fight a Pot. The Pot will not do anything until you attack it. Put the owner of the weapon with the Overdrive > AP ability in your party. Keep Triangle held for at least half an hour (use a rubber band), then flee. The person will get one Sphere level up. This works best with Lulu and her weapon Space Master, which has the ability Triple Overdrive.

Hint: Omega Ruins: Easy gil:

Get Rikku's Legendary Weapon and use the specified crest and sigil to power it up fully. It will then receive the Gillionare ability. Go to the Omega Ruins and find and a Zaurus and treasure chest to fight. Steal from the treasure chest with Rikku. Do not Mug it, as this will kill it. Assuming that the treasure chest has nothing in it, it will turn out as a Mimic. Defeat the Mimics to get 100,000+ gil each time.

Hint: Remiem Temple: Cloudy Mirror:

Fly in the airship (obtained immediately after you finish the Zanarkand Ruins) to the Calm lands. Go to the Chocobo rider standing still directly out of the Al Bhed location where the Airship dropped you off. Take the Chocobo to the southern entrance and go east to where you see a Chocobo feather. Press X over it and the Chocobo will jump down. Go into the entrance that you see. You will see a huge temple and bridge leading to it. Go across the bridge and move to the left side, not through the door. Examine the sphere you see and then go to the opposite side. Press X near the Chocobo and race it. Win this race and get the Cloudy Mirror (which is the Celestial Mirror's first form).

Hint: Remiem Temple: Entering

Ask the Chocobo girl to ride a Chocobo. Ride it all the way down were you usually start out races with her. Go all the way to the end to find what resembles a yellow Chocobo feather. Press X on the feather and the Chocobo will back up, jump off the ledge, and land on a new section of land. Go to the exit of that section of land. The next screen will show the Remeim Temple.

Hint: Spira: Chocobo Feathers:

Around Spira, in the locations when you can ride a Chocobo, there are Chocobo Feathers on the ground. These feathers are easily spotted due to their semi-open location and out-of-place color.

Hint: Thunder Plains: Items:

If you can dodge the lightning a certain number of times in a row, you will be rewarded with items. Additionally, if you get struck by lightning 30 times, you get an Ether. If you get hit 80 times, you get an Elixir.

Times Dodged Item
5Two X-Potions
10Two Mega-Potions
20Two MP Spheres
50Three Strength Spheres
100Three HP Spheres
150Four Megalixirs
200Venus Sigil

To dodge 200 lightning bolts easily, use the airship to get to the Thunder Plains, and go to the northern part. Dodge enough lightning bolts consecutively to make the chest appear but do not open it yet. The amount of times needed to dodge for the chest to appear will be different for almost everyone attempting this trick. Stay close to the exit so that you can leave quickly before lightning strikes again. After dodging, go back past the treasure chest and enter the southern part, then immediately leave and go back up past the chest to the northern part and get hit twice by lightning. Go back to the chest and open it. It should say that you dodged 200 consecutive lightning bolts or more. Make sure to stay close to the exit when dodging or getting hit by lightning so that you can leave immediately before lightning strikes again.

Hint: Thunder Plains: Invincibility:

When you are in the Thunder Plains, have the two best hitters and Yuna in your party. Have Yuna summon Ixion if the enemy is electric, such as Larva. Every time the enemy hits you with a Thunder, Thundara, and Thundaga, Ixion will absorb the attack. If the enemy hits you with a physical attack and you run low on HP, cast Thunder or Thundaga on Ixion and he will be healed. Note: If the enemy is not electric, attack with the two hitters or summon another Aeon. This will work with other Aeons such as Ifrit and a Bomb.

Hint: Thunder Plains: Kimahri's legendary weapon:

Activate three of the Qactuar stones. Stand at any stone that seems to be glowing and press Square to see the spirit of a Qactuar released. After activating three stones, find the Qactuar ghost flying in the south part of the thunder plains. He is slightly transparent, so look very carefully. Follow it to a small ruined lightning tower on the right side of the screen and press Square. A treasure chest should appear, containing his legendary weapon.

Hint: Thunder Plains: Dodging lightning bolts:

There are Save Spheres in the North and South parts of Thunder Plains. After you have dodged about ten bolts in either area, go to the Save Sphere and save your game. Then, start dodging lightning bolts again. If you get hit by a bolt, just restart the game and load your saved file to continue from the number of bolts you dodged last time.

Hint: Thunder Plains: More lightning hits:

When completing the Thunder Plains side quest, run in the misty or foggy parts of the plains. The lightning tends to be more frequent there.

Hint: Zanarkand Dome: Hidden treasure:

When you go to Zanarkand Dome for the second time, there will be a hidden treasure. Activate all of the four-space cubes and the screen will open. Take the Destruction Sphere and put it in the right slot, which will open the other screen. Take the treasure then get Anima.

Glitch: Mistranslation:

On your first visit to Kilika, after the sending scene you will wake up and enter a room with lots of plants. Talk to the boy and he will say "I'm gonna be a Blitzball when I grow up!".
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