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Bestiary Help

If you are having trouble reading the FF10 Bestiary then this page should be of help. Below is a numbered picture of one of the entries from the Bestiary page, this image has had numbers added to it, signifying the different sections you need to take notice of. Below this image are detailed explanations as to what each section mean. Right, so lets get underway, shall we?

1: Name

Name of the enemy you are facing.

2: HP

Your opponent's starting Hit Point level, once this is depleted you have won your battle.

3: MP

Indicates your opponents avaliable Magic Point. These get depleted with use of magic, but enemies do not always use up MP to cast spells. You can use abilities such as Osmose and Lancet to absorb MP from your enemy

4: Characteristics

These numbers indicate your opponents statistics, showing you its strengths and weaknesses.

5: AP

This tells you the amount of AP you will gain at the end of the battle.

6: Gil

This tells you the amount of Gil you will gain after defeating the enemy. If you are using the Gillionaire ability, this amount will be doubled.

7: Location

This is where you will first encounter the enemy. Monsters will also appear later on in the game under the same name but with different levels, these are not included under the Location section.

8: Immunity

This reveals the monsters weakness and immuniies to certain status effects. If a status effect is not listed then the value is at 0 and the enemy cannot protect itself against it. The higher the value, the higer the resistance to the given status. If IMM is shown then the status will have no effect on the enemy.

9: Elements

This shows how your opponent will react to certain elemental attacks. The values are explained below:
x 1.5: Your opponent receives 50% more damage than normal
x 1/2: Your opponent receives 50% less damage than normal
Immune: Your opponent suffers no damage
Absorb: Attack heals your opponent.

10: Steal

You can use Steal and Mug to relieve enemies of items they may be carrying. 'Normal' indicates you have 75% chance of stealing the item, whilst 'Rare' means you have just a 25% chance of getting it. Your characters Luck levels do not affect these values.

11: Bribe

Monsters can be bribed with Gil. If you manage to Bribe a monster, they will leave the battle and leave a few items for you. The HP of your enemy is the most important factor when it comes to making a successful bribe.
If you bribe 25 times the HP of your enemy, you are guaranteed success and will receive the items listed under this section. If you bribe more than 25 times the HP, you will gain more items. If you, however, bribe less, you decrease greatly the chance of success. If you still mange to bribe successfully with less than 25 times, you will gain fewer items.

12: Items Won

You will receive Items at the end of most of the battles you fight. There is a 7/8th change that you will receive the 'Normal' Item and a 1/8th chance you will gain the 'Rare' Item. If you overkill your opponent, you will gain double the amount of items.

13: Equipment

Occasionally you will be awarded weapons at the end of a battle. 'Slots' indicate the possible number of slots assigned to the weapon or armour dropped after a battle. 'Abilities' shows the usual number of abilities attached to the weapon/armour.

14: Weapon/Armour Abilities

Shows what the attached abilities will be to the weapons gained in 13.

15: Overkill Info

The amount of HP needed to be taken to overkill your enemy and the new total of AP you will receive for doing so.

16: Enemy Skills

Shows any skills avaliable to learn. Only Kimahri will be able to learn thees and can be aquired using his Lancet ability.
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