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Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy to be made for the PS2 console, and was rated as one of the best games of the time. The new Sphere Grid and the advanced graphics ensured that it was going to be a hit with FF fans and FF newbies alike.

This Final Fantasy is rated to have one of the best introductions out of all the previous games (The blitzball FMV) which sets the tone for the rest of the game. A massive breakthrough for Square in this game is also that characters now have their own voices due to the introduction of voice acting for cut scenes.


After Tidus' home town of Zanarkand was destroyed by the evil entity called Sin, he is transported to the world called Spira, where his father Jecht was transported 10 years ago. There he meets Yuna, the High-Summoner Braska's daughter. Braska, along with Jecht and Auron 10 years ago, went to defeat Sin to bring the Calm, a time of peace lasting 10 years, until Sin is reborn by the hands of Yu Yevon.Yuna, who is also a summoner, must go on a pilgrimage along with her Guardians to eventually bring about another Calm. Only the Final Summoning can defeat Sin, but there is a price to pay...


The game took advantage of the PS2's higher technological power and it showed. The in game graphics look astounding and the FMV's are unbelievable. The mouths of the characters mostly move accordingly to what they are saying, and you are able to tell what each character is feeling by the expressions on their faces..


The new Sphere Grid system is another new system Square have implimented into this game. It makes uppng the attributes of your party more fun and less tedious than gainng Exp. Instead of Exp, you get AP, which in time gives you Sphere Levels. You then use these Sphere Levels to move around on the Grid, how many moves you make depend on how many levels you have.

Once you have made your move, that sphere level is gone. You move to different nodes on the Sphere Grid and these nodes give you different abilities. You learn these abilities by activating a node using a Sphere, e.g. if you were on a Strength +4 node you would use a Power Sphere, but if you were on a Fira node you would use a Ability Sphere.

The characters do have set classes, but some they are better at different skills than others, but if you move accordingly on the Sphere Grid, you can make any character whatever class you choose.

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