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Your surroundings

You should always examine your surroundings carefully. Press [X] to have your character take a good look around - any relevant information will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. When looking around a particular area, it may be a good idea to keep pressing [X]: that way you don't have to worry about missing anything.

{X} can also be used to open any treasure chests lying around. You simply lift the lid and remove the contents. They remain open, so you wont waste time examiming chests which have already been ransacked. "Finders Keepers" is the rule in the world of Final Fantasy... even in foreign towns or other people's houses!

Addressing People

During the course of your adventure you'll come across many people who will be more than happy to chat with you. They'll reveal a wealth of information from the fascinating to the mundane... and some generous people will even present you with various items.

It's always a good idea to err on the side of friendliness! If you want to have a word with someone, just position yourself next to the individual in question and press [X]. Press [X] again to speed up the dialogue.

Saving Your Game

You'll have to track down a Save Sphere if you want to save your current game. These blue Spheres are pretty rare, so your best bet is to save your game whenever you happen to see one. Just stand infront of the Sphere and press [X]. Select Save and confirm your decision. Now select one of the two MEMORY CARD slots.

Make sure you've alreadyinserted a memory card (8Mb) (for Playstation2) with at least 64Kb of available memory in one of the two slots. Either select a free save slot or overwrite an old one. One memory card will store an impressive 99 Final Fantasy X save games. But remember: the more save games you save onto a memory card, the longer it will take to load or save a game.

Acquiring Equipment

It's important to equip your characters as well as possible - after all, you don't want to send them into battle helpless! You'll find a complete list of weapons in our Weapons section. Certain items of equipment are literally just lying around on the ground, albeit concealed in chests. Other weapons and peices of armour can be bought in shops.

If your funds are low or you want to have a good clear-out, just sell your unused equipment to a shop. Of course, you won't get as much for second-hand equipment as you paid for it.

Addressing People

When you buy or aqcuire equipment, it is a good idea to immediately equip it to your characters. Some equipment can be used amongst all characters, whilst some are specific to each character. If you want to make swift work of an opponent, you can also change your equipment in the middle of a battle, but bear in mind that thises uses up a full game turn. Note how the CTB window changes if you select Weapon instead of Attack.
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