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The magical world of Spira in under threat from Sin - an evil entity that unleashes havoc, terror and destruction.
Join Tidus, a heroic Blitzball superstar, and Yuna, a courageous girl skilled in the ancient art of summoning, as they embark on an epic quest to defeat Spire's deadliest enemy.
Only the Final Summoning can defeat Sin and bring peace back to Spira

Release Date
19/07/01 (PS2)
20/12/01 (PS2)
29/05/02 (PS2)


An indepth look into the basics of the game, taking it right back to the storyboard. Concentrating on gameplay, graphics and storyline, this is sure to help you form an opinion on the game should you be considering purchasing it.


Final Fantasy 10 features many abilities which are available to learn on the Sphere Grid. These are grouped in 3 sections: Skills, Special and Auto. Following the links in the section will give you lists and information on all the learnable abilities in the game.


The X button is used to execute almost all game actions. You're better off pressing the button too often than too seldom, especially when exploring. To the right is a description of the main actions you will commonly undertake whilst playing Final Fantasy 10.


This section will give you detailed information on all the Aeons in Final Fantasy 10. This includes all optional Aeons.

Aeon Information

This section will give you general information on the concept of Aeons in Final Fantasy 10.

Al Bhed Primer Locations

There are many Al Bhed Primers scattered through Spira. Obtaining these Primers will enable to you learn the Al Bhed language, which will become readable from the subtitles of their speach. Each Primer teaches you one letter from their language.

Al Bhed Translator

On this page you can translate any word or sentence from English to Al Bhed, and from Al Bhed to english. Confuse and impress your friends with this feature.

Bestiary [Incomplete]

Need to find statistics and information on any creature in the game? Then this will meet your needs. full of information on every encounterable monster in Final Fantasy 10.

Bestiary Help

This section explains the elements of each tables in the bestiary section and what they mean. If you have any trouble reading the tables, hopefully they will be cleared up here.

Character Profiles

This section introduces to the characters of Final Fantasy 10, featuring a profile as well as an indepth summary.

Cheats / Hints / Tips

This page provides you with a list of cheats, hints and tips to aid you with progressing further in the game and making it faster to do so. We recommend you only read this section after you have completed this game at least once.

Jecht Sphere Locations

Jecht Spheres are found throughout the world of Final Fantasy 10. There are 10 of them and each one plays a short movie clip featuring Jecht. These spheres also teach Auron his Overdrives

Luca Theatre

What happens when you want to watch the FMVs again? Or maybe you want to listen to the game music, well just take a trip down to Luca Theatre!


Ever felt the urge to sing along to your favourite Final Fantasy 10 track? Well now here's your change with lyrics to the main songs featured in the game. Need the actual song? Click here.

Magic Listing

Here you will find comprehensive list of all the Magic available to your characters in Final Fantasy 10.

Menu Information

The Menus are the nerve centre of your characters and game. From here you can carry out a host of actions from the numerous menus and submenus. Mastering these menus and knowing what to do when could greatly boost your chances of completing Final Fantasy 10 efficiently and easily.

Shopping Guide

Here you will find a full list of all the shops in Final Fantasy 10 and what items you can buy from then along with their prices. Find out the worst rip-offs and best bargains here!

Sphere Grid Guide

This section features an indepth guide to using the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy 10. Perfect for those of you who have just picked up a copy of the game.

Terms Dictionary

On this page you will find a list of terms in which you will need to be familiar with in order to progress efficiently through the game. Here you will find the term and a definition below it.

Weapons Listing

This section will give you detailed information on all the obtainable weapons in Final Fantasy 10, including how to obtain it, the price and what they can be customised into.

FMV Images

This section contains screen caps from all the FMVs in the game in chronological order. Want to use images from the game for your own graphics? You'll find what you want here.

OST / Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy Nemesis also provides full access to all the music from Final Fantasy X. These mp3 files are free to download, however some legal issues may apply.
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