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Battle System

Final Fantasy X-2 uses the same type of battle system as FFVII - the Active Time Battle system. In this system, each action, whether it be using a Item, Magic or a regular physical attack, will be represeted by a bar, which once full will enable the action to be performed. Each action will take a different amount of time to carry out, depending on the type of action.

Using an item takes very little time comparing to casting a spell, some special skills also take more time to execute than regular attacks. In addition, the battle order panel from Final Fantasy X (located in the top right hand corner) will return as well, which lists the order in which the future turns between your party and the enemies. Also like FFX, this order is affected by actions you undertake.

An Attack Chain System is also in Final Fantasy X-2. This allows characters to string a chain of attacks together. If you make your 3 characters use physical attacks one after another in quick succession, this will count as a Chain Attack and boost the overall damage dealt from these attacks.

The big difference between this battle system and ones from previous Final Fantasys is the ability to change your characters job during battle. Pressing L1 will bring up the your currently eqipped Garment Grid and the Dress Spheres stored on it. Choosing a Dress Sphere will change your job. E.g. Choosing a White Mage Dress Sphere will transform your character into a fully fleged White Mage. This is useful for dealing with enemies with different weaknesses and also adds a greater scope to the game in the fact you have much more abilities to learn for each character.
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