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Well who would have thought it, a Final Fantasy sequel? But this is not like any Final Fantasy you would have played so far.


The graphics in Final Fantasy X-2 are much smoother, this difference is fairly noticeable. The characters are more rounded and more detail is placed into the backgrounds. The characters also seem more life like with more facial expressions and more active body movement. Squaresoft has once again made a game with top of the line graphics and cinematic, great detail has been thought into it. Most of the cities are the same, it isnít really that much different because itís only set two years later then Final Fantasy X. Itís amazing the FMVís, the details they put into drawing the landscape, and every single polygonal is used to do the FMVs, and this game really uses the PS2 to itís advantage


Final Fantasy X-2's battle system uses an enhanced version of the classic Active Time Battle system, in which each action will require variable length of time to complete. For example, using an item takes very little time comparing to casting a spell, some special skills also take more time to execute than regular attacks.

Here some new battle commands, which will appear in Final Fantasy X-2:
A new Attack Chain System is also included in Final Fantasy X-2, which allows multiple characters to chain attacks. The chain attack usually initiates by Yuna's 'Quick Trigger' command. During the battles, each character can use the 'Dress Up' system to change into different outfits and job classes by pressing L1. (These switches cannot be made, however, until your party has obtained the special Dress Sphere). Confirmed job classes include Gunner (Yuna), Thief (Rikku), and Warrior (Pine).

The new system should speed up the pace of a battle therefore enthralling the player more. When you attack it will use up a portion of your gauge of which limits you to a certain amount of moves. This also means you have the ability to use multiple attacks at once.
Square has named this the Attack Chain system. Even though X-2's battle system is new, it still contains elements from the Conditional Turn-based system to add that special touch of strategy in every battle.
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