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Final Fantasy 10-2 Logo
A warrior takes sword in hand,
As the winds of change sweep through Spira, new dangers await - and somewhere, somehow, a friend may still be alive

Release Date
13/03/03 (PS2)
18/11/03 (PS2)
20/02/04 (PS2)


An indepth look into the basics of the game, taking it right back to the storyboard. Concentrating on gameplay, graphics and storyline, this is sure to help you form an opinion on the game should you be considering purchasing it.


This section contains reviews on Final Fantasy 10-2. These reviews are either written by Nemesis staff or submitted by viewers of the site. If you have a review you want to submit, please contact us.

Al Bhed Translator

On this page you can translate any word or sentence from English to Al Bhed, and from Al Bhed to english. Confuse and impress your friends with this feature.

Battle System

This section gives a indepth look at the Final Fantasy 10-2 battle system and how to best utilise the options and features presented to you.


Ever felt the urge to sing along to your favourite Final Fantasy 10-2 track? Well now here's your change with lyrics to the main songs featured in the game. Need the actual song? Click here

FMVs / Full Motion Videos

Final Fantasy X-2 had very impressive Full Motion Videos. Final Fantasy Nemesis has a database of all the FMVs featured in the game freely available for download.

FMV Images

This section contains screen caps from all the FMVs in the game in chronological order. Want to use images from the game for your own graphics? You'll find what you want here.
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