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Purchasable Items

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Heal Potion
EffectRestores 30 HP
DescriptionOne of the most important items in FFI, keep a lot of these handy to restore HP in and out of battle.

Pure Potion
EffectCures Poison
DescriptionMostly needed near the beginning of the game, where there are many enemies that will posion you. Soon enough however, your White or Red mage will learn Pure and Pure Potions will not be of any importance. But keep them handy just in case.

EffectRestores small amount of HP
Saves your game
DescriptionThis is a useful way to save your game, when you are far away from a Inn. Apart from saving your game, some HP wil also be restored to your characters. The amount of HP restored becomes insignificant towards the end of the game, but the usefulness of being able to save your game remains.

EffectRestores moderate HP
Saves your game
DescriptionSame as a Tent really, but it restores more of your party's HP.

Soft Potion
EffectCures Petrification
DescriptionQuite an important item, as your White or Red Mage will not learn SOFT for quite as while as it is a Level 6 spell. Keep some of these handy as it will be the only way to cure Petrification for some time. If all your characters are Petrified then it is Game Over, so keep this in mind.

EffectRestores lerge amount of HP and MP
saves your game
DescriptionA House is more of a Inn that an upgrade to a Cabin. As the Tent or Cabin, it can be only used on the world map, but a House also restores MP and well as a lot of HP. At 3,000 G, it is quite a lot so using 2 Cabins to restore your HP might be a better bet.

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