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Initial Classes

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to all the character classes in Final Fantasy I.

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AdvantagesStrong Attacks, high HP
Disadvantages Expensive to keep to to date with weapons, cannot use magic
Avaliable Magic None
A Fighter, as you would imagine, excels in attacking physically. Fighters have a much larger amount of HP compared to the other classes, and also is able to equip good armour, which coupled with his attack power, makes a Fighter very battle hardy.

If you want to make the most of a Fighters strength you will need to buy the best equipment avaliable at the time, and this can turn out to be quite expensive, but this problem eases up as you go through the game. Having a fighter will be a great asset to your party, maybe even two of them.

Black Belt
AdvantagesStrong Attacks, Moderate HP, Cheap to upgrade
DisadvantagesLow defence, cannot use magic
Avaliable MagicNone
A Black Belt can rely only on his fists and still do good damage, of which is comparable to a Fighter. Because of this, a Black Belt is very cheap and only really requires good armour to make up for his low defence.

One bad point about the Black Belt is that even after your class upgrade, he still cannot use any form of magic, the only class this being the case of.

AdvantagesModerate HP, Cheap to upgrade, high evasion
DisadvantagesLow defence, low offence, cannot use magic
Avaliable MagicNone
A Theif's main plus point is his high evasion and agility. He will frequently dodge attacks and is able to run from battle much more easily than everyone else.

His offence and defence are however considerably lower that of a Fighter or a Black Belt, but as you progress in the game you will be able to obtain good weapons for your Thief, which will enable him to hold is own in battle, even as a 3rd fighting class.

Red Mage
AdvantagesUse of White and Black magic, well rounded
DisadvantagesMagic is limited, Moderately low offence and defence
Avaliable Magic White Magic - Levels 1-5
Black Magic - Level 1-5
A Red Mage is more or less good at every aspect of the other classes. It can attack moderately well, it can use Black Magic and White Magic, and has a resaonable defence. It also has a wide selection of armour and weapons which are not avaliable to the other Mage classes.

The Red Mage will have a large impact when you start off in Final Fantasy I, but as you progress this usefulness will slowly decrease. If you want to have to have a Red Mage, have no more than one and take along other more specific classes, such as a Fighter, White Mage and Black Mage.

White Mage
AdvantagesGood against undead, specialised in White Magic
DisadvantagesLow offence and defence, low HP
Avaliable MagicWhite Magic - Levels 1-7
A White Mage is a massive asset to any party. Its awesome healing powers make up for its lack in physical strength. It can cast numerous spells to protect and heal allies.

A White Mage can, however, deal good damage against the undead with a HARM spell. White Magic might seem to cost a lot, but remmeber you will probably never need to upgrade a White Mages weapons since this is not a class needed for fighting.

Black Mage
AdvantagesSpecilised in Black Magic
DisadvantagesLow offence and defence, low HP
Avaliable MagicBlack Magic - Levels 1-7
A Black Mage has extremely low physical strength, the lowest in the game infact, but it more than enough makes up for this with an awesome array of Black Magic, enabling it to deal great damage to an enemy, enough to rival a fighter.

It can learn spells capable of disposing of an enemy in a single strike, and putting it in the back row of your party will make it harder for him to be killed. Coupled with the healing power of a White Mage, the Black Mage is a force to be reckened with.

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