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Boss Guide Page 1

Here you will find a full and comprehensive list of every boss in Final Fantasy I, including stats, locations, an accompanying picture and a guide on how to beat it. Looking for a bestiary instead?

Page 1

Special Attacks--
Resistant To--
Ok, this is your first boss, and a pretty easy one too...provided you have trained sufficiently. You should be at least Level 3 before you face this boss, so train up a bit on Imps. Make your fighters use their physical attacks all the way through. Your Black Mage should cast whatever spell you bought, (mine being FIRE.) Also have your White Mage handy as Garland will eat away at your HP, you might also want to keep potions handy incase you cannot use CURE anymore. But overall, you should come through this battle without too much difficulty

Pirates x6
Special Attacks--
Resistant To--
This isn't technically a boss battle, but it isn't a normal encounter either so I'll include it here. The Pirates are very easy, even though there are 9 of them. They only have 6 HP each and do low damage. Each party member should attack a different Pirate so you wont waste turns. Each one of my 2 Fighters took them out with on hit each. Also have your Black Mage use any offensive magic he has learnt. The White Mage can just attack and cure when necessary. I was taking out 3 each round, so this is an easy battle. Talk to the Pirate afterwards to get a little surprise.

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