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Back in 1987 Square was just a small Jap software company (hard to believe huh?) which made the hit 'Rad Racer' game on the NES. Then this company released it's 2nd RPG - Final Fantasy. RPG's were popular, but as the market was dominated by the 'Dragon Quest' series from Enix nobody expected Final Fantasy to do well. They couldn't have been more wrong. Square had packed an entire world into a 2Mb NES cartridge

Some of the graphics you
can expect while playing FFI


The basic storyline was that there were 4 elements which were bound and controlled by 4 crystal orbs. However the orbs were fading and an evil darkness was spreading across the globe. Vicious pirates rules the seas, evil creatures crept through the shadows and demons stirred in the depths of the earth.

The ancient prophecy of Lukahn was coming true, and only the coming of the 4 heroes he foretold, known as Light Warriors, could save the world from evil. When mysterious Garland kidnapped the daughter of the King of Coneria, the dream city, 4 warriors were summoned to his court. Each young hero held a strange orb they had owned since childhood..


Although primitive by today's standard, in 1987 Final Fantasy was a revelation. The graphics were stunning (then) the music incredible and it was awesome to play. There was a detailed plot, a clever game system, a vast gaming world and hundreds of monsters, weapons, spells, armours and other special items.


The game system was different compared to current Final Fantasy titles. Rather than having fixed characters, the players chose from what there character would be - Black Belt, Fighter, Thief or Black, White and Red Mages and from their choices they learnt certain abilities. However, many other elements of the game made it to the other Final Fantasy titles.

Final Fantasy was a big hit in Japan. It took 3 years for Final Fantasy to make it to the US, but eventually it appeared in 1990 and had incredible success.
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