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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Then Contact us. This section presents you with a list of commonly asked questions and their answers, as well as a few more questions added by staff which we feel contains necessary information for viewers. We urge you to read this page fully before contacting us.

Who designed and coded this layout?

The site design and layout has been complete designed and coded by ~D~, the owner of this website.

Can I use any of your coding?

Final Fantasy Nemesis does not permit direct usage of our HTML coding. This makes up the layout of the site, something which is unique to only Final Fantasy Nemesis, thereofore usage cannot be permitted. However, if you require help with coding your own website, please contact a member of staff and they may be able to assist you.

Can I use any of your written game content?

Final Fantasy Nemesis regret to inform you that usage of any written content from this site is prohibited and if this is found to be breached, we will require you to take down the content or be prosecuted under the full extent of the law.

Can I use your media?

Final Fantasy Nemesis did not personally create the images or FMVs, they are just captured from the disk and uploaded to this site. Therefore we cannot disallow users to host these files on their own server and offer them for download. We however must ask that you do not hotlink to the files but first save them on your own server. A link back to FFNemesis would also be appreciated as the media (especially the screenshots) had to all be taken from the game disks individually, a rather monotonous task!

Who are you hosted by?

Final Fantasy Nemesis is currently hosted by Servage. They are an excellent hosting company and we would encourage you to purchase hosting from them if you are looking for webspace.

Can our sites be partners?

This depends on the nature of your website and also if it meets the requirements. Please review the partnership page for more details.
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