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The year was 2002, and I had recently aquired my first Final Fantasy game. This was in the shape of Final Fantast VII, and at the price of 10 from a friend of mine. At the time I was also feeling my way into the world of computers, and webdesign was becoming an attractive hobby for me. A few months later and Final Fantasy Nemesis was born.

FINAL FANTASY NEMESIS was a small hobby, hosted on a number of gaming sites, from the The Players Guild to the late FFDungeon. The site also went through numerous design changes as we strived to make our content as presentable and user-friendly as possible. As the site grew and progressed, more resources were needed and thus by 2003 we found ourself turning to Asylum1. As we also met the hit requirements, Asylum1 registered a domain for us for free (, and thus, on the 19th December 2003, the Final Fantasy Nemesis you know today was born. With Asylum1, we had enough resources to offer Original Sound Tracks and limited Full Motion Videos, to add to our impressive library of FMV Images. The site was also redesigned to what would become our longest lasting layout.

Our relationship with Asylum1 lasted just under a year (Dec 03 to Sept 04 to be exact), a time which saw the site reaching a wider user base, sporting many new features and downloads and reach a new height in popularity. However, lacking disk space and excessive adverts/popups (a requirement with Asylum1) made us again start to look elsewhere. An aquaintance suggested SurpassHosting, and after some research and consideration, we ventured into the world of paid hosting and prompted to buy the Pro package on the 26th September 2005.

Our previous layout

SurpassHosting provided excellent hosting and support, and we could offer a full range of Full Motion Videos for as many games as we wanted. However, this was also shortlived. Bandwidth was proving a restriction, and as luck would have it, another friend informed me of a host; Servage, which offered incredible specs at a very cheap price. After some scepticism and further research, they were found to be an established and respected company and Final Fantasy Nemesis proceeded to purchase hosting from them.

And this is where we are today. Having just redesigned the site for the 10th time in over 3 years, and ridding ourselves of the "fansite image", Final Fantasy Nemesis hopes to be able to appeal to a wider fanbase and be able to offer more news, content and media than ever before. Final Fantasy Nemesis is as strong as ever, with impressive hit counts, numerous pages of content and a vast media library. We hope you have enjoyed browsing Final Fantasy Nemesis and that you will continue to do so in the future.

- Written by ~D~ / Founder of Final Fantasy Nemesis on 8th January 2006

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